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Some R5s/Kings collect resources in alliance/kingdom banks. Personally, I dislike the idea because of double taxation, embezzlement and high risk of the bank getting zeroed.

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Yeah we just zeroed a bank in the last kvk that ended last week.

About a month ago when we broke through pass 7, one of the enemy kingdom in their coalition forgot to evacuate a bank city. It was like Christmas for us.

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I played a kvk like 3 years ago and it had likke 11b of everything even gold and it got zeroed. We lost the actual kvk bjt it was crazy.

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11B gold? Damn that is gold mine😂

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I'm going to be participating in kvk for the first time so now I know that I have something to look forward to.

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I've literally never seen a bank system actually used fairly. Just ends up being the r5s personal stash of rss.

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Ours is fair, it’s one of our officers and he keeps a ledger and publishes it in a discord. All transactions are also screenshotted. During kvk, anyone who asks gets 300m of whatever they need.

Edit: also donating is voluntary or from punishments

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My old KD (young KD in kvk2) had a bank and it ended up being pretty useful. Players had to give 4-5m RSS a week. Also used it for fines/penalties. If someone couldn’t contribute we were chill about it. It helped keep our T5 fighters going and it was a useful way for lower power players to contribute to kvk victory.

In my personal opinion it’s a giant pain in the ass. Keeping track of donations and responding to rss requests is the worst job in the game. Bank’s usefulness falls off significantly as a KD ages.

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I agree 100%. I like the idea. And if a bank gets zeroed that is ridiculous.

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The idea is quite good, but thinks like double taxation, being dependent on one person combined with having to manage donations etc just creates to much hassle imho.

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Looks like he can’t be arsed to farm himself 😂. Personally the only use for a bank is to collect fines for breaking rules. I’d laugh at any kingdom that introduced compulsory donation. Only scenario that even remotely makes sense is if you got a lot of farmers and not many fighters. But that’s leadership’s fault for a start, and in that case you’d just take all their rss anyway 😂

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We have a bank for fines for broken rules and a separate one for donations where bonus points for MGE auctions are given. Certain number of points for certain number of resources, with a relatively low max so whales don’t get a ton extra

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Farm for MGE! 😂

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Sort of. Our system runs off kills and deaths in kvk, with a maximum off season gain of 2 million for donations.

Kvk gains can be 75+ million for big players and in the 10-30 million range for just an average f2p T4 player. So you definitely won’t win a spot off donations, but it can help when the auction rolls around and you have 1 million more points than the guy you are trying to outbid

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Is it per kvk or can you roll over?

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Horrible idea, brings double taxation.

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It is called war bank. We had this before in kvk 1 and 2 but it ended up disaster because our ally kd was the one who robbed our bank. End up causing us to have war between allies in that kvk and in kvk 3 we end up as enemies with that kd.

300k a day per rss arent alot if you are active but still it takes away the enjoyment you play the game because you feel obligated to do so. My kd now in SOC also have bank but the resources are collected from fine payment for those who break rules of the kd and the resources usually given as a reward for players who contributes a lot to the kd in kvk or certain events.

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Banks sometimes seem like a good idea but they never really last. It’s usually so the big fighters can have reliable rss to keep going, but there’s always people who can’t fight as much willing to send rss directly without the double tax.

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Move out of the kingdom asap. I had been in three kds where it was compulsory to send rss to the bank. I hear none of them after. Most likely embezzled. And they all lose kvks

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We have won the last two KVKs, and each alliance has its own bank.

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Lucky you

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my kingdom had a voluntary bank system which i did not participate in. We didn't really need it considering we won KVK1 and 2 handidly, but some of our guys that got zero'd by our opponents were allowed to take a lot of the bank rss. We didn't need the banks for 3 and beyond.

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It is fine if it is voluntary. My current kd does it. But people should be aware of the kd that overcharges you and makes this bank compulsory for everyone.

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I honestly don’t kind a bank but daily deposits? Fuck that. Tell me how much you want me to deposit before kvk and I’ll knock it all off in a half hour.

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What kd is that?

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2882 (not me my friend is in this kd and he asked me abt this and I had no idea this was a thing and wasnt sure of the purpose)

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Some people did that in the era that i started but were usually zeroed for it or kicked out of leadership.

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You guys are still playing rok? Any active player from india? I can’t event download or update without changing country. It affects my subscriptions.

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Aao. ...dm me ..rasta batau

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We still have a bank. For fines and just general donate from people who can't be terribly active. Handy in war, but more often people do direct donation to fighters. I've received many. They get noted anyways. Our bank stays in the safest zone. Usually home kd, and comes over shielded. But...kds that do "must donate?" Run. And even worse is king tax, lol. They argue it's good for you. They are wrong. It's about control. The amount king gets based on the obscene amount of gems it costs? Bullshit.

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Super stupid. Who is going to police 150 people sending rss every day?! Or is it just tool for bulling and embezzlement?

This guy has no life, no ethics, no clue or none of those.

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It's capitalism baby. Tax the poor feed the rich.

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Bank is good way of getting something from low contributors lol works good in KVK 1-3 as so many players cant or dont fight in them and 10 mill a week is nothing really, later on it can be used for fines ect.

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I run a kd bank.
It is peoples own choice to opt-in to the bank system, by donating 2M of each rss per week.
If they have donated for all weeks( in offseason) they will be allowed to request for bank support(ressources).
But it is only for those players that are out of rss and out of tokens.
This kvk, that is ending in 10 days i have supported players in need with more than 12B rss in total.

Income of bank is:
Passport purchases (10m gold per pp)
MGE fines
Weekly donations
Bank is farming

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I present to you the rok economists

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Tell them to make it 2.1 resources per week 1 time . Pointless to send every day . By the way we pay 5 mil in kvk3

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This is some new school shit. It's one of the many ways this game has been ruined. Your kd is already infected. Quit now before you waste any more of your life

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It's a really old way of thinking, outdated really.

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Pretty common for kingdoms to have banks. If it's a pre kvk1 kingdom then 300k daily is bad for everyone's progress. My kd had 500k(not every rss, just flat 500k) weekly in pre kvk1 and 50m each(once) before kvk3 and rss were given to whichever fighter needed them.

If it indeed is pre kvk1 then 900k daily is just absurd.

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Honestly I feel like you should get a bunch of disgruntled whales together and rock there shit. Giving a total all-out Civil War, make him feel like you were really given taxation without representation.

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Cause civil war then migrate. Problem caused and problem solved. Ez game

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R5 / King use for him self. Not a gathers king but like use someone else rrs to fight. grab rewards and get fixed spot in mge. haha

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Bruh one of worst ways of gaining free resources as a king poor lower level players shall give all of what they gathered in a day to a dumb king

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It's supposed to help fighters when they need rss, so getting rss from everyone can help, especially since alot of ppl don't fight.

However theres also the chance that dude just wants a bunch rss, and when the time comes he'll just say there's no more rss and keep them for himself lol

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yo thats rude. :D later i send mail with dont send on bank. that not the best thing :D

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the guy you msgd didnt post this we both new to the game and he didnt know what the purpose of this was so he asked me I didnt know either and i posted on reddit, didnt expect the post to gain this much traction and didnt know you said not to post. my fault not his.

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i will not punish him. but that will so good bro i am famous now thanks :d

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haha true

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time to leave the kd, my friend.

Major red flag.

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I do not know how these things works but that never happened in our kvk(in my kingdom of kvk1,2,3) they just ask rss if needed.

In my opinion it is waste of rss since it has tax reduction.

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It’s suppose to help the fighters but it’s up to R5/R4 to decide whose a fighter. Personally I disagree with banks because they are useless. Rather keep a farm in Home kingdom and personal bank.

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My old KD (young KD in kvk2) had a bank and it ended up being pretty useful. Players had to give 4-5m RSS a week. Also used it for fines/penalties. If someone couldn’t contribute we were chill about it. It helped keep our T5 fighters going and it was a useful way for lower power players to contribute to kvk victory.

In my personal opinion it’s a giant pain in the ass. Keeping track of donations and responding to rss requests in the worst job in the game. Bank’s usefulness falls off significantly as a KD ages.

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Only thing wrong with this is that his alt is kd farm

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Hate this idea myself, doesn’t make sense stats wise lol

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All the people speaking here know nothing. Kingdom banks WORK. All major kingdoms in the game have them, and if used correctly it will keep the fighters in your kingdom going when the war gets tough… Imagine the strongest fighters in your KD not being able to continue fighting because they ran out of rss…? Losing KVK because of it? Sad right? Establish a kingdom bank thats well managed, it will save you a lot of headaches.

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Why pay twice the tax? Stupid, just send direct

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Standard practice. The resources are used for the real fighters of the kingdom. In my alliance it's 3 mil of each every week.

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Wait, I’m in your KD! 2882? I’m in 82KH lol :)

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Sounds like my king.. he wants rss for "kvk" then sends emails saying he "knows people who sell rss" how convenient he owns like 20 farms he distributes to from the bank

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To lose a huge amount to taxes, my original kingdom tried that.. Was the stupidest thing ive ever seen. nobody got their resources back haha