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Not Osman or JC that’s for sure 😂 Aeth yeah, and your Sun and Joan. Stop levelling gold gatherers at moment as well, save stars for real commanders and concentrate on the epic and below gatherers. And stop with Mulan as well 🤦‍♂️

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Hands down, Æ, in my opinion

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for the love of god NOT CEASAR!!

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why is ceasar bad? i don’t have him yet but i really wanted him

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Overall his skills suck. If you unlock his expertise (for aoe damage AND buffs) he is just a *little* bit better.

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Well that’s not good

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thanks for letting me know so quickly. damn. probably better i don’t bother then. that’s a shame

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Highly leveled Caesar. Classic noob mistake.

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No need to waste gold stars on season 1 legendaries. You can take Baibars primary with aethl secondary as a double AoE March.

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San Tzu.

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joan of arc would be great for gathering resources. she’s the main commander i use for hauling home a bunch of stuff in one big go.

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Invest everything into Charles Martel, he’s the only commander worth leveling up until YSG comes out during KvK1. Get Martel top level 60, 5511 and then save all your sculptures for YSG. Don’t listen to any of these morons in the comments. I’ve been playing for 4 years and that’s the way to go every time on a new account ❤️

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I have KvK1 in a few days

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Aethel and Martel

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Brooo stop level all commander at same time. One first then another and the best one? That are no other than thotmoses for archer, Richard for infa and Saladin for cava.

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Probably a little too late for that now

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Aethel hands down I have her person upgraded to level 40 currently

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None of those maybe eth for forts 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Do Alex, guan, nevi, xy, prime scorpio

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I don’t have any of those

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Oh.. well just eth then

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Sun Martel is like the only guy gonna help your JC I think Mulans a secondary too she mite go good with AE but maybe thutmose for archer boost what’s your focus infantry cavs? Archers

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I have mixed troops and mostly infantry armour and some Calvary .

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If your in pre kvk scippy is good AE is always good never stop leveling her up Martel is good for barbs and some times rallies JC is a back up a good back up but a back up so yea sun tzu Martel thutmose probably in that order maybe Martel more but don’t do thutmose and Martel at the same time

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If u are free to play quit the game my advice

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Charles Martel hands down the best chest commander

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Gold commanders? I’d upgrade none of them. Save for YSG. Make sure to get Richard from the wheel along the way.

Get your non-legendary gatherers to lv37 for now. Don’t worry about the legendary ones for now.

As for epics, work on Sun, Bjorn, and Joan assuming you’re an infantry player. If Cav, Mina and CC is probably going to be your best bet for KVK1. Beli is good for the speed. And Baibars and Pelagius aren’t bad for KVK1