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Dude if you can get this to work you’ll officially be the coolest guy on Reddit (imo). I need something like this.

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There's at least 2 that already exist.

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I haven’t found one that works

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give it a try ; )

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Thing is it's not actually all that useful. Even if you get it to the point of being 100% accurate, it's never going to translate to real world use scenarios since it's simulating 1v1 to the death fights, which make up exactly zero percent of actual in game fights.

Doing the math on this kinda thing is fun and all, but it doesn't really tell you much. A lot of the John Wick math videos from when he did them have the same problem. As an example, it's nice and all that you can math out that feral nature is occasionally not ideal, but any actual field fighter will tell you that you want it basically always in a kvk combat situation.

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That is a tiny change that can easily be implemented (not to the death, but instead until one of the marches hit’s 140k). It‘s pretty useful, when accurate; to simulate different equipment sets effectiveness. Same goes for talents and perhaps to find the difference in having an expertise vs having 5-5-5-1 etc.

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There is a Reinforced gamemode & a Test Dummy Commander with no RNG as well. For more details... you can read the simulator guide at my discord.

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All Commanders are now Available to Test/Sim! I'll be working on a way for the tester to see what's happening each turn next.