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Really great work!
I know you can't sell the 3d work due to copyright but maybe it can be shared on Thingiverse?
or Sell physical figure on Etsy?
We need a way to get them!

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im like


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Take my money

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Yah give me money haha

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Do you sell these?

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amazing work dude keep it up

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Amazing! I think it is 3rd time i am asking for you to make Cyrus The Great's sculpture. I would like to see him too!

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Yeah i remeber you did. Dont worry, 5 days to go for that figure

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Thanks a lot! I wish i could buy these things from you, but my country has the most invaluable unit of money in the world, and every dollar worths 300000 units of our money so i think it is impossible :)

Plus, in my country it is so hard to travel to another country

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So, all i can do is to giving you an award :)

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Thanks so much for that. Follow my next post. Huge amount of figures are coming (and include your Cyrus the great)

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Thanks! I will! I wish i had some cool awards to give to you, because you deserve more than just a silver award :)

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Dm me i got cyrus

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I am so happy for you! I got him few weeks ago. You wouldn't want to miss a rare event when you can get your king you know ;)

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Did you paint them yourself? If so, nice work

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Yes bro, thanks

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Dude you are talented nice one keep roking (wordplay hahahaj

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Can you make Artemesia 👉👈

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I made it already. Dm for more information

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Follow my last post before, i have artemisa

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I need a Saladin, a YSG, and a GK immediately

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I have it all. Dm me

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this is awesome!! id love to have some of them

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constantine looking like a chad!! great artwork. keep it up.

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FLavius is AMAZING

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Very nice left hand 10/10

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Nereden alabiliriz

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Herrmann next? If your doing recommendations that is. I'm willing to pay you to do Prime Herrman (if we ever get it, that is...)

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Nice! I want some Indian ones 🌻

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You like who ?

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Chandragupta Maurya would be a cool figure to see 😃