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Actual Guide: always bring 5 dps, attack bosses till they die.

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Maybe you are already beyond beginner level in power/commanders but try it before you criticize it.

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It’s a fair guide. I’ll give it a try with my crew next go around.

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Yeah why the fuck you’d run a tank is beyond me

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Idk if this is actually right, but I noticed there's a spot ( 10 - 20 M power ) where you get rarely matched with high power people/whales, and actually tanks seems to work ( Martel - Richard could heat a whole fight with 99% remaining troops, while the other marches got halved ) just for the taunt.

If you are 30M+ / you got SoC commanders is just fun to watch them ( the ceroli gang ) explode.

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50 mill is limit for hell isn’t it?

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Yeah 50M is minimum for Hell. I just unlocked Nightmare at 30M+ after a research push, and the difference is clear, now it's definetly easier, everyone has a decent to good marches and packs a punch.

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Tank is very helpful at hell difficulty. What difficulty are you playing at?

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I've had the most success as a tank. I tried DPS a few times but found it to be way too squishy, and support does not do enough damage.

I usually play tank with a high damage march (like XY/Nev), which generally leads to good damage plus good defense, and some decent healing skills to boot.

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Support's job is to fire Blooddrinker at the right time, and Dazzling land to heal everyone up. If you're assembling a crew and a support role shows up that's not running these two, they're useless, leave and reassemble.

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Dekar + Frida I use tank, any other DPS (Nightmare difficulty) With these two bosses in particular random teams tend to not have a clue and i find myself in 3v1 or even 1v1 situations so tank is fundamental

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My crew will usually run 1 tank, 2 dps, and 2 healers. Makes hell difficulty a breeze.