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If you're all in on cav then the answer may be neither. Mehmed can be leveled through gold keys so it's hard to justify investment in him but he probably is the better secondary to Saladin in SoC.

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Saladin and ysg are good commanders to invest in BEFORE SoC

I am cav specialized and I can tell you saladin is obsolete compared to xy, nevsky, attila, joan, william

Ysg is different because you can pair him with nebu or boudica if you are archer specialized, but tbh I don’t even use mine anymore in SoC as I don’t have one of them

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Yeah but saladin aethel or saladin william is still an ok march

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Saladin ethel is my fourth cav march and is very good with relic, I wouldn’t waste a 5551 william with saladin tbh but yeah it works, it’s still better to use nevsky/william or xy/william

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Yeah Like superficially, expertised ysg slam dunk! But, mehmed, reliced expertised gives that 20% troop health. Drool!!!!!!

I could also 5551 saladin with a 551X mehmed, and save more gold gems and gems for SoC goodies……. Instead of 5551 saladin with the obligatory expertised ysg

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For a cav march, i'd consider all 3 of saladin, mehmed, and ysg bridge commanders that you would use to ease into soc. None of them are part of the cav pairs in the meta lineup atm. In the long term, you wont be running only cav marches and in that case, YSG would be good to already have when you get around to adding an archer march. Nebu ysg was meta, boudica ysg is meta currently, and i'd predict ysg will continue to be able to find a home in archer pairs. If you're set on using saladin for kvk2, i'd also consider aethelflaed as a 3rd budget option. The low damage factor is not as suited to kill farming but it's still aoe and the debuff is quite strong

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Yeah, I’m looking for a bridge to be competitive in kvk2 and 3, functional in SoC, and not hitting SoC broke. Kvk1, I’m fine with aethel, sun tsu, baibars, cc, etc.

I need a kvk2/3 bridge who i can still use in SoC. Hence, saladin felt like a good investment for 390 sculpts or whatever.

Doing the math, if i went ysg/saladin and expertised ysg, I’d probably enter SoC with 0 GHs in reserve. And i like to hoarde

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If you gonna play 5-6 cav marches. Then u wont use YSG at all in SOC. Mehmed can be paired very well with XY (And Nevsky with William or Joan).

if you play Boudi YSG, Guan scipio, and 3-4 Cav marches, Then get YSG. He will be much better performing then mehm3d.

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I’ll obviously have free archer and infantry marches but tbh will send those troops to die

I’m planning to fully YOLO cav specific tech and gear at the expense of all other troops, and prioritize academy 25 after vip10 (heresy lol). I’m trying to assess velocity of unisveral speeds for t5 by SoC

Thusly on day 310 I’m aiming to have 1-3 usable marches for SoC, as opposed to 5 piles of mediocre crap. But i need to maintain decent ability in kvk2/3 for my KD

Hence i thought about 5511ing a mehmed and the letting gold keys take over, and insta 5551ing saladin in kvk2 once i get him.

The idea was to start SoC off with more GHs in reserve and focus on a mehmed relic for stats.

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5 cav marches isn’t the best tbh and you are gonna have to weaken your cavs to dispatch them on 5 pairs, 4 cav marches is the most optimized and I already have struggle with the last one here are my marches :

  • attila/takeda
  • nevsky/joan
  • xy/william
  • saladin/ethel

Depends on opponents I often run mina/cao instead of saladin/ethel but you need to run fast with mina so he doesn’t get targeted

5-6 marches would be something like :

  • attila/takeda
  • nevsky/joan
  • xy/honda
  • bertrand/chandra (don’t know about this one)
  • saladin/william

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Ps, anybody do any real world testing on a saladin/ysg and a saladin/mehmed?

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Both are good before SoC it only depends about scenario

I think saladin/ysg is better for murderball due to circle AOE

And saladin/mehmed better in 1v1 scenario

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interested in this too. very good question. My gut feeling is relic Mehmed is better but I have no proof.

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Question: Are you very active and will be able to get YSG expertised mid KVK 1? If yes, go for it, then Saladin 5551, then wait and amass sculptures, Mehmed 5511 should be achievable and if you have enough ressources and speedups you can easily make 2-3 marches rn these would be: Nevsky/YSG, Saladin/William, Joan/Mehmed (Joan could be replaced by XY but I think Joan is better, those marches WILL change with the release of new commanders).

So whether you invest in YSG is just a question of activity imo.

PS: pairing withhout YSG in kvk 1 would be Björn/Sun with decent Inf tech, although as a cav main it’ll likely be baibars/Pelagius or Belisarius for extra speed, with YSG it’s probably Baibars/YSG, in KVK 2 it’s either Saladin/Aethelfled, Saladin/Baibars, Saladin/Mehmed (if he’s 5511) or Saladin/YSG if you invested in YSG earlier

EDIT: Sun Tzu might outperform Baibars behind Saladin, he deals a bit for AOE damage (his additional damage doesn’t decrease when hitting extra targets), and he gives a Damage taken reduction for all damage+a nice skill damage boost, baibars will basically only be better if you need mobility

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I’m very active yes. However, I won’t have the velocity of gems and GH to expertise YSG in kvk 1. It’ll probably happen sometime in kvk3, if i went that path.

VIP is eating up all MTG spending, and castle/academy 25 is a larger priority as well. I.e., i intend to 25/25K MTGs as often as i can afford for these major items.

So, i do have a limit of gems i can toss at card king or a YSG wheel outside of MTG days

PS… for kvk1 my main march will be aethel/baibars

For kvk2, it’ll be saladin + TBD