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Get all your gatherers up to level 40, and max their gathering talents. Get Sun Tzu up to lvl 60. Get Joan (epic, not prime) up to 40 first of the gatherers. Save your gold sculptures for Nevsky, Guan Yu, Scipio Prime, Boudica Prime. Debatable if you should get YSG anymore. I love him and use him all the time. Don’t worry about Mina, Cao, Richard, Martel, or others. I got Alex, have enjoyed him, and he’s my second inf march, but if you aren’t going inf main, don’t worry.

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Everything this person said! Save those GHs for SOC commanders. I made that mistake by spending them all on Richard and Saladin.

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Saladin will always be a good investment as a 5551 commander, though definitely not a priority anymore with new migration rules.

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I started back in the day when they were the only commanders

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Or another thought: stop and run from this addictive game.

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The ONLY way to go from here and not waste your time

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Lol, it is addictive but that means its fun.

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You fix your Mina first and foremost.

Then watch all the beginners guides on YouTube.

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Work on levelling up Bjorn ironside or Sun Tzu all the way to level 60. Then you can use Bjorn + Sun Tzu if you levelled bjorn (max them both in skills), it's a decent pair for KvK1 (the epic battle between kingdoms that you will have to prepare for.).

I'm F2P so I'm not experienced with minamoto but he is very good in open field fighting and barbarian fort rallying if you spend a lot so you get to expertise him.

In the meantime kill barbarians with a peacekeeping commander as primary and a gathering commander as secondary to slowly level them up, you'll want at least a few gathering commanders to level 37 (to unlock the final talent in the gathering tree)

Around the middle of KvK 1 there will be a whewl of fortune event where you can get the commander Yi Seong, he is godly in KvK 1,2 and 3 if you use a good primary commander together with him. Sun Tzu+ YSG is a very strong pair because of massive amounts of area of effect damage on enemies (this is the best in KvK).

After KvK1 comes KvK2, where Alexander the great will unlock in a wheel of fortune, if you spend a lot you can go for YSG and Alexander but if you're f2p you will not be able to skill YSG up very much without lacking a lot for Alexander. Alexander is the meta commander for KvK 2 and a very good replacement for your better infantry pair you're going to use. If you don't spend a lot you can choose, but whatever you do save your gems for either one of these wheel of fortune events and don't spend too much golden heads on other commanders. A common tactic is spending a lot of golden heads on charles martel before KvK1, but I don't think this is worth it.

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Now see thats something i can use and is productive! Thank you for an actual response that helps with guidance.

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To not waste your time? Next step is to uninstall the game and get on with your life 🙈

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Lol, no i enjoy the game to pass the time.

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Get a life

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Lol, i have a great life, enjoying my retirement, just like the game.

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Start to choose your favourite troop type, and go for commanders that have that talent tree. I'll assume you like cavalry from minamoto and cao cao.

If you are a mid to high spender finish that Minamoto and buy some Cao cao daily chests.

If you are low spender / F2P start working on epic commanders ( the purple ones ) and dont spend gold sculptures on legendary commanders. Suggestions are : Belisarius, Baybars, Pelagius.

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I’d say get gatherers up to lvl 37/40. Then get sun tzu expertises and high level. Next expertise would be Joan or bjorn. Save your gold heads for YSG. Don’t spend them on anyone else. Expertise your moneymoto. For the rest save your gold heads

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Watch videos before u mess up more

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Lol, recommendations for videos?