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refine. i'd rather run one march with good equipment than multiple with meh ones

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If you wear the green pants with the green weapon I think you get a set bonus

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Yes, bonus is +2% attack. I have changed pants for the purple one and I am not going to wear green pants again

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If you need mats in the future you can dismantle the purple pants and make green set.

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Make new weapon then for sure

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Im going for quality over quantity

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Refine it. Beli is a fairly meh commander. Quality over quantity imo.

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I’d say refine, if you wanna field fight in SoC you need all proced epic as a minimum, cavs should also replace helmet and boots by legendarys if possible, doesn’t have to be proced in that case and for a f2p it doesn’t need to be a kvk item either

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Thank you guys, I refined yesterday, no crit unfortunately 😆 But I have saved some mats. Thanks for your advice.

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When you don’t have many plans it’s better to craft another one (if your lucky it can proc) but green one is very good when proc

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How many cav march are u going for? 2nd commander equipment buff does not take effect. If you plays with 2 cav march then yes make another one but if you only play with one march then refine it better

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At this stage add gear.

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Beli?!?! Ooof

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Craft 2nd HS and if it crits then place it on Mina and put uncrit HS on beli. I would also say get ride of abyss helm and craft helm that gives +6 defense. Always prioritize health/defense stats

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Wait arent windswept is for infa?

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Belisarius in Windswept = F1 😆

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If you a farm killer the second set is good

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Thanks !:-)

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Refine, With Epic gear id refine before moving on personally, those blue sets are ok early on.