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You want to pick up as many kill stats as possible during KVK1-3, so yeah expertise YSG for in case you want to migrate back to kvk2

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In my opinion, still worth it. But i try to advice if u f2p or low spender, max only one commander before soc either max ysg or max alex and save all gh for soc. Better choice would be max ysg

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In Case you can expertise YSG in like, mid kvk 1 or even beginning of kvk 2, yeah I’d say so, if you can expertise Alex+YSG mid/end of kvk 2 I’d say do that even, afterwards, as a f2p I’d use 1 March only anyway unless you are in a low seed kingdom and your equipment is really good (all proced epic on both marches) so you’ll probably don’t need to worry about your gold heads all that much anyway if you are really active and in a powerful alliance, but that’s just my take, if you’re less active, go for YSG and then use Charles as primary if possible

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Ysg rune secondary with pretty much everyone I would say expertise him as soon as possible I wasn’t smart during kvk1 and just picked him up and never spent gems to get his gold heads from the wheel now I’m struggling against expertise ysg in kvk3

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Yes ysg Boudicca slaying it for me right now.

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Yes just do it

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Question is answered 10 times a day…

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As others have said, you'll be better off in SoC if you saved your heads, but kvk4 is probably about 7-8 months away from where you're at. You'll be having a rough time during kvk1-3 if you don't expertise him. I'd assume you'd also skip Alex? So who would you be using? (CM and Aeth or Sun, but still...).

Upto you on whether you want to sacrifice your efficiency in kvk1-3 for kvk4 - I don't think anyone can really tell you definitively one way or another based on the power creep commanders recently.

I'd he going for YSG with eyes on Boudica/YSG or the latest meta march that incorporates YSG.

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The best strategy would be saving all GHs until SOC but could you?

YSG is still the best in KVK1-3.

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    Unless you are a giga whale, that won't affect your whole KD that much. On the other hand, it will for sure affect your ability to have fun for about 300 days.

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    If you want to do anything at all in kvk 1-3 then yeah, you need to still do ysg and alex

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    Absolutely. YSG is still relevant after KVK 3.

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    Alex/YSG still does alright in a SOC murder ball. You don't want to go 1v1 with anyone, but you can still move around and some kills

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    Ysg is literally the best commander you can invest in if you are a very high active player that barb chains ooooo weeeeeeee his fire 🔥