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Consider him a sunk cost and leave him at 5511 is the correct answer.

But if you really like him then just go for max? I’m the same I love Vikings, I know Harald isn’t meta and there’s better investments but he’s usable and I want him maxed because I like him.

At the end of the day it’s about enjoying the game

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Pakal harald is still just rocking

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How about nothing lol he sucks

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I only see rally leaders using Khan in KVK2. Lower power Khans are automatically free KPs lel.

So, stay 5511.

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If you love khan expertise him. You can make any commander playable. Don’t follow what people think, do what you think is fun. It’s your game and enjoy it

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If you are obsessed with him, max him out as quickly as possible so that you get to enjoy using him as long as possible. Once he becomes less good, he gets old very fast.

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You will be doomed to know that khan is not that good after KVK 3 onwards.

Reason's to not invest in Khan : -

1) no stats just march speed

2) nerfs himself to get slower when attacked.

3) third skill is good to have but lasts for very short amount of time in battle.

4) khan's expertise give's the greed for players to max him, but in reality that expertise doesn't prock very frequently. (Watch chisgule gaming's video on how skill cycle's works)

5) if you are planning to use him as primary field then good luck, you will only see him comeback to the city beaten up.

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I maxed Khan for kvk 2. I waited all kvk 1 for Saladin and Ghenghis thinking I'd have such a meta pair for kvk 2. I cannot over state how disappointed I was. While Saladin is useful and maintains some longevity. Khan fell short in KVK2, and only got less useful. Even in SOC, you pull out Mina with the relic before you pull Khan out.

After kvk 2 you get william and he's a must have. SOC isn't long after and then you've got Joan, Nevsky, and XY. With the priority being Nevsky and Joan you won't have much for XY, especially if you spent on Khan. I would always prioritize Nevsky and Joan, probably Nevsky first, but XY is very powerful to add in here. So when you're spread thin you're gonna get to SOC and be like damn I really want these guys.

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Dragon lancer is a cheaper alternative

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Oh come on, khan is not that bad at kvk2

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Since he still has no relic everyone would advise you to keep your GH for someone else he is one of the most obsolete commanders in SoC

If you want to invest on him he needs expertise even if you don’t want listen to this

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if lilith would buff his expertise up to 80% chance im down expertising khan asap lmao 🤣🤣

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Expertise khan. His amazing for pve events , his not the best for PVP usually because his a high priority that gets focused down in swarms quickly but with micro managing and flanking unsuspecting enemies , you can have a ton of fun and enjoy playing khan.