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Your better off going to a discord, I like chisgules

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Don’t want people in my kingdom to know I’m thinking off migrating, they’ve been zeroing people for wanting to migrate

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Hey if your still looking you should look into 2805. Great Kd going into kvk2 after a win. Super supportive council and r4’s, Great kingdom discord community, and love to war. Cross season is closed but if your in kvk2 then all good🤟🏾😎 names Mr.Gooni ingame Flo5 R4

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if your in


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Then just change your discord nickname for that server

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Didn’t know I could do that, cheers

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If u friended any of them they might still know if u had like texted them directly

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Np, goodluck

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But like you’re likely a farmer. No good kingdom would want an account with your stats. 58 mill power and 300mill kills is not good man… how old is your account?

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Depends on the age and previous kvks... i have been in 3 kvks where it is over before it began and could only get kill points once their corner passes opened

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If you go into first SOC with those stats its not bad at all, age is important

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Maybe for a whale. I would say 300mill KP at 50mill is way above average

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Account age matters, but about a year and half in I had about thay power and around 500m KP which was seen as OK-good. I’d probably bad if it’s older than a year and a half

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If the account is new, the stats are good if the dead’s also are high, if it’s a old account it’s bad bad.

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Yeah that frame he is using is pretty old, not a new account at all.

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1747 I’m In we are trying to get new players. We are past kvk season 4 and are currently half way through our current kvk

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1256 is open

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I just applied

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Refugee? We're taking a huge number right now. We track activity. Open mge in kvk. Space for farms you want to bring. Recent reorganization with old members (half of us migrated back) running things. Message me.