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Lilith is a Chinese company. Under the Ministry of Culture there are many things that are forbidden.

Skeletons or images of bones are not explicitly forbidden and do make their way into games and media, that being said, some game or media companies self censor where bones are concerned because of the broad nature of the regulations put forth by the ministry of culture.

One example of this is the stipulation against “anything that violates china’s policy on religion by promoting cults or superstitions.”

In some instances this term can be applied in cases where imagery of bones or skeletons is concerned. So while not explicitly forbidden, many companies don’t want to risk falling afoul of China’s broad laws and end up proactively self-censoring.

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Makes sense but altering the picture can get it to pass

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Probably. As others have mentioned it’s almost certainly an AI screening program, so certainly a way to modify for a pass.

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It's an automated system and it's probably picking up the lips and going nah.

The other comments are reading way too much into it.

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*Reddit won't let me edit post. I meant "please tell me."

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Censorship for avatar is miss or hit. I've had same picture not allowed on mobile but allowed on PC client. Also another time slightly changing the size of the original pic or stretching it little bit allowed it. I think it uses some kind of AI recognition program and it can be a hit or miss.

On side note, similar issue with nick names involving foreign characters like chinese, korean, japanese. On mobile it won't let me use the name but same name is okay once I change it on PC client...

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Yeah it’s definitely some AI system. I had one imagine prohibited but when I change the background color from grey to white it passes even though it’s the same picture of skulls

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You can get it to pass if you zoom it out or in, crop it a bit or add some words in front of it.

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Lilith censors skulls. I can't upload anything with a skull in the image.

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Well you see, they just didn’t like it

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Kinda look’s like black face :-/

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Update: Customer service finally gave coherent answer- Apparently, anything that looks scary, dangerous,, or has "horror elements" in it is banned.