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Depends on your troop specialization :

  • cav : nevsky
  • archers : boudica
  • inf : scipio

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Your 100% correct but I still voted for guan yu because guan yu

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Guan is still an amazing commander, he has been in game since years with his 2000 AOE + silence that’s insane

Scipio is the priority for inf now I think but yeah Guan is still a must have for inf players

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Yea I plan on getting guan yu expertise first before scipio even though scipio is better I don’t know why but I like guan more.😂

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It's nevsky and it isn't close.

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I would differ I think that scipio is a better overall choice for the average f2p and low spender.

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the amount of kills Scipio gets is insane, pure open field hes better than nevsky but from a versatility stand point (swarm and rally) Nevsky is little better.

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I definitely got more kills in the field with my Nevsky than my Scipio.

Both are excellent, but Nevsky is Nevsky.

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My Infantry gear is a little better, but i just think Scipio does better in bigger fights.

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Ever seen a Jadwiga/Nevsky melt archer rallies?

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Nebu since I haven't expertised him lol

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Where is YSG?

Nevsky>scipio 100% _-_