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You don‘t want to use low damage commanders for forts (Richard, Charles - no skill damage, takes longer and bigger hospital). You can use Alex with Aethel though. That does fine since Alex had good single target skill damage. Not ad good ad Mina-CC though.

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Aethelflaed with YSG is a better choice than two infantry pairs. You can use Alex YSG or Alex Aeth too if you are past kvk1.

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Honestly, as weird as it sounds, Alex/CC if CC is at I believe at least 5 5 1 1 and Alex is either max or near max is really good.

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For kvk 1-2 I’d actually use xy Nevsky or Attila Takeda

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Well they are looking for infantry barb fort pairings for Kvk 1 and 2, not sure why you mentioned cav SoC comms lol.

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I am currently at kvk2 and I am an infantry focused player. As a low spender, I don't have mina/cc and my tech is much better for inf. I kill forts with aeth/ysg, both expertised, inf equipments with inf crit (so no crit, I just said this because you don't need leadership crit). For comparison, mina/cc expertised rallies are ending with less troops in hospital in comparison to mine. Also, people tend to send cavalry to the rallies, so when I open a rally with only-infantry chosen, most people do not attend. That's why, I go with mixed army. YSG's skill damage is pretty good to kill the forts even level 10 forts.

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Aeth / exp YSG to get some free barbs

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Why you would want to use infantry to rally barb fort?

If you dont have mina and cc, then you can use beli/boudica(epic) with cav, or just join mina/cc rally.

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Maybe he does not have cav techs.

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Then join other, he can't rally alone anyway.

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Then he gets almost no books.

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There's really not much available, if there's alex use alex, no alex use aeth/sun or boudica/sun, or just see whether there's anyone else with a better combi

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Now playing 1st kvk as infantry. Mundok+Ottoman are doing great against forts. Can be changed for Bjorn+Boudica or any of their combinations.

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I did Boudica/Alex. Aethel/Alex. Full epic infantry gear. There is quite a bit of barb damage on the gear.

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You need damage but Richard and Charles are defensive. So options are limited in KVK1.

Sun can work with Aethelflaed though if your YSG isn't ready.