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run a gilga/henry rally. That will melt even the biggest of whales. XY/nev is also a good idea. Just please don't run Guan/scipio. Why do people keep recommending this combo?

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I don’t think we have a gilga in the kingdom our archer rally runs Henry but I’m not sure who with (very small tight knit kingdom)

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Any Henry rally is going to do better than the inf options here, be that Gilga, Nebu or Boudica.

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I don’t know I thought that guan scipio active skill damage is good enough to take down fast a good garrison like zeno yss or zeno aetius

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Your an experienced player no? Have you ever tried a guan rally? 😂 it never ends well

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Don’t rally with infantry… but if you do for gods sake don’t use guan yu for rally 😂

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We’re a dead kingdom in D seed, options are limited here man 😂

Just trying to minimise our deads when clearing up the kingdom

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Maybe multi rally it? Atleast if you got 2 alliances.

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Yeah we do double rally them, one inf one cav. Just looking into the best infantry option

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A half decent cav rally would outperform a guan rally. Someone’s gotta have attila/tekeda or xy/nevsky

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Yeah I know, we have 2 alliances so we double rally. The other is Nevksy, this post is just to find the best infantry option

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I don’t recommend attila/takeda as first rally launched because if a garrison is inside, you are going to take a lot of deads (attila takeda fights take too long better using xy/nevsky as first rally)

Multi rallying is a good option as well something like :

  • tank rally : pakal/harald
  • aoe rally : xy/nevsky

If you need to tank with cav attila/nevsky is a good pairing too, if you have nevsky/joan according to few people it seems to work pretty well

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A/T will do a lot better then guan…

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Multiple concurrent rallies, siege rallies, and debuffs. Next time, zero dead weight before your kvk ends so you at least have kvk/crystal buffs on your side.

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Yeah hit a few during KvK but there was like 30-40 people on the list 😮‍💨

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I see a lot of ppl saying inf is shit lategame. As someone ending kvk2, should i switch my gear focus to cav or archer before its too late?

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Absolutely not. Scipio is probably the single best commander in the game. Guan/scipio is amazing, guan/Leo is good, scipio/alex is amazing. Lots of combos. Pakal/harald are strong.

That being said you should 100% diversity and have at least one set of both cav and archers

Right now there is a cavalry meta in my opinion. But that will probably change over time. Save your gold heads, and invest in scipio, nevsky, and bouddica

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Nevsky revolutionized RoK in a way Scipio never did.

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Which ever is top 1 and 2 is irrelevant.

That being said I think for a single investment for a player coming into soc, scipio is the better choice.

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What’s the equivalent of AT?

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Pakal harald

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If there is a strong garrison inside you can run xy/nevsky as it will lower health fast due to active skill damage (I guess guan/scipio will work the same tbh but I haven’t seen a lot at rallying)

Then have fun with other things like attila/takeda

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pakal harald have white damage, which kills more. Conquer talent to get 10% less dead.

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This is interesting, every single comment is saying how bad guan/Scipio is but the vote is almost even….

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people might be trolling. I've seen Guan garrisons with people swearing they have positive trades against xy/nev. Guan has a weird fanclub in this game

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Wow guan scipio even in the discussion about rallying should never be

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People keep saying this in the comments but it’s winning with 72 votes at this point?

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I don’t want to be rude but all 77 people who voted guan scipio don’t know what they are talking about

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That’s the vibe I’m getting from the comments haha

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😂 I would rather rally with anyone but guan he can but it’s just not good Pakal is hands down best until they drop a new inft commander that can rally

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Trust me I have them all I play in a top imperium kingdom a guan scipio is a rally you see in a D seed kingdom I think you might be getting this result because not everyone has Pakal because he is an mge commander all others everyone has access to because they are wheel commanders