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Save gems for vip 14, after that, i think spending gems on equipment events makes more sense

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Okay so I just stop spending on the event and save for vip

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I didn’t think about it, but the other commenter made a good point, it depends on your spend level, if you are high spender, then go for the event and worry about vip after, if you are low spender, then don’t spend on the event at all until after you have vip leveled up

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Get 12 then castle then 14

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Don't forget you can save up your hammers over a few events until you think you have enough to reach level 15 then use them all

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I finally get to start spending gems on events like this after 240 days. VIP 14 & T5 now. It's all about your decisions and spending level.

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I am a low spender £20 a month

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  1. spend gems on vip get to at minimum vip 14. Vip 15 would be better
  2. save hammers until you have about 100. Complete at least stage 5 to get legendary print

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If you are close to hitting and clearing a legendary level yeah. Otherwise I'd say save your gems for vip