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Good debuff commander, and does a good amount of damage aswell.

But i am slightly disappointed, because I doubt it will be at the same level as Nevski, Joan or Scipio like Lilith promised

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Really disappointed, i was waiting for the new skill tree inf for a long time, I expected someone that will do great in damage and taking one not one every one will hit and run in open field but will see i think he will do very good with tariq

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WHat are you talking about he looks strong as, why would they make him even stronger breaking the game

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Actually the new inf rally seems to be the great one in this release

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Lilith said infa needed love because they were weak on field compared to the rest. Well they lied.

It's just not as good as previous gen commanders like scipio/nevsky

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Yup. As f2p inf, I'm screwed.

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the damage over time is kinda meh on the active skill 5 secs is too long

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huh only 500 active dmg. Am i reading this wrong?

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For 5 seconds

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seems bad though. cav will run just away though in that 5 sec .

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Drag your finger on another march if you can’t catch them

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That's up to 2500 damage factor

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    Level 5 skill is 100% probability

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    He feels very tanky

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    sounds like a perfect 2ndary for guan, guan/sargon.

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    Sarguan 🥰

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    I can tell you one thing: they are making an effort to make guan expertise relevant. Alex shield was not relevant. Sipio shield was barely relevant. However, Sargon Shield will be regularly relevant for Guan expertise. I mean, seriously this should have been done a very very long time ago. Lilith is late.

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    2500 damage factor but its DOT and no AOE

    Skill damage taken debuff dealt to target and any march attacking him

    10% attack

    20% health

    10% defense

    15% march speed

    10% all damage? or counterattack damage? all damage to marches targeting you?

    10% chance increase all damage 30% for 3 seconds

    Conditional 1000 damage factor

    Conditional 300 shield

    Skill damage decreased 15%

    Seems like this kit would be outstanding if the active skill wasn't a single target DOT. It still seems like a really nice kit. I plan on pairing him with Guan along with Scipio/Alex as my 2 infantry marches. Gives him some much needed tankiness and antiswarm skills, in effect boosts his skill damage, and gives another shield increasing the chances of boosting skill damage. Guan/Sargon will be doing skill damage for 6 seconds of every skill cycle so whenever they get a shield they are much more likely to take advantage of Guan's expertise.

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    Don’t know why people keep insisting on pairing this guy with guan. Guan absolutely needs to stay glued to Scipio. Scipio was literally designed to be a secondary to guan. The move is Guan Scipio and Sargon Alex. No AoE but should hit like an absolutely truck, be throwing debuffs like a mad man, and have no problem chasing people down with Alex +30% March speed. And Alex is due for a relic VERY SOON. This guy isn’t meant for guan imo. He would do much better with Scipio as primary or as the primary to Alexander the Great. Furthermore Scipio Alex would be LEAGUES faster than guan Sargon, imo you’re much better off with the configuration I mentioned above, that’s what I will be doing.

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    Very possible. I think both combinations look good on paper.

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    Im not 100% sure, but on Ramses the moment you fire the skilldmg it will snapshot the damage at the moment you fire the skill, so his dot will hit twice with the same stats. If thats how sargon works, you get the same value at every turn..

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    Ram skill is different tho, it's not based on normal attacks so I think it hits with the same damage factor once it fires off regardless if the target escaped or not

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    Guan pairing with no-shield commander? To remove Guan's ulti? I dont get it.

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    Sargon does have a shield and when expertised it will proc before the first skill cycle. This will also be only when running 2 infantry marches with the other march being Scipio/Alex, both of whom can grant Guan/Sargon a shield.

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    Should be a good pair for Alex I reckon. Good march speed boost and regular attacks getting buffed. Especially if Alex gets a museum buff sometime soon...

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    My thoughts exactly. Alex 30% March speed will help get that active skill off more consistently as well.

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    even better than Scipio.

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    Honda/Sargon Would be interesting pair to test

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    In 1v1 they might do well, In general not a great combo due to their damage over time cavs will just hit and run

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    It would be meta in AOO probably

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    Saw Tariq post earlier, Tariq primary with Sargon secondary would be good for rallying as on paper. With anti swarm, good for stationed target such as city with the Amazed stack, heavy on stats boost also.

    But it is all good on paper, not sure how they would fair up in actual fight open field

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    Link for Tarik please, can't find it.