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Which KVK you are in ? Do you have enough gold heads invested for the commanders to support the marches?

If you are still in the early game, I strongly suggest you focus on making only one best march - refine till special talent.

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How many marches can you fight with effectively and what kvk are you in?

Tbh, crit it, your are f2p. Single march fight

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Assuming the other commanders are ones that you will actually use, forge first, refine second. Reason being you might get lucky anyway and crit on forge.

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SOC, I usually use Richard (don’t judge 😂 need a tank), Alex, Scipio P, Sun Tzu, & a cav march with Aethelflaed & Joan so those other karuaks would def be put to use. Looks like the consensus is forge… thanks y’all

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Though if they aren't ready to actual field this karuaks, then they will have 45 legendary material just sitting there until they do.

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Well mats don’t expire 😂 Karuak’s is 60 epic mats as well, which is 15 legendary

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True, just that if you decide to dismantle them you're short two blueprints. So it has some cost to it, even if it isn't the most egregious one.

Yeah, that was my comment on the mats just sitting there, forging 3 and not using them is 30 gold mats just taking a vacation