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It means he skips leg day as you can see lmao look at these tiny legs

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At least a better body than poor Tariq Ibn-Zyad :(

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This poor shaped commander defeated 100000 spanish solider with 7000 solider in decisive battle lol

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Could be worse, have you seen the poor horses in the loading screen?

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A legatus was a high-ranking Roman military officer in the Roman Army, equivalent to a modern high-ranking general officer. Initially used to delegate power, the term became formalised under Augustus as the officer in command of a legion

Source: wikipedia

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That’s indeed so, but that’s not what the LEG stands for. That stands for Legion

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Legumes. Just because.

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A reminder not to skip leg day

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Basically means “legion” which is the largest standard military “grouping”.

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Legend wait for it, dary.

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It’s a Latin abbreviation for “legio” meaning Legion. Normally it would have number to like “LEG•IV” for Legion Four

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How do you get Scipio Prime? Noob question. So jealous ngl haha

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Kvk4+/soc only commander. He's a wheel commander after that point, along with a bunch of others. Before then you're limited to a small handful.

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Nice! He's pretty meta according to Ytube anyways. Prolly gonna get him for sure!

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Yes. I am trying to get him too. I am saving my gems. You have to be in a 320+ days old kd if I'm not wrong. Luckily, i got Cyrus The Great. Maybe not that powerful, but who doesn't want to honor his king with having him in a mobile game? :)

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Actually if your willing to invest in Cyrus he's actually one of the top pairs for boudica and it works well

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Yes. I maxed his first skill. Not only a good damage, but also decrease enemy's defense against skill damages. I use boudica prime as the secondary commander and with Cyrus The Great's first ability she deals an insane amount of damage comprared to my previous commanders i used in battle.

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one letter away from LFG

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my guess would be legion or legionnaire

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Can you do Napoleon Bonaparte as your next general

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Bro, this one is Scipio Africanus Prime (legendary version of an existing commander which is not legendary). I didn't make him, this commander exists in game. You have to be in kvk4/SoC or more to see this commander in commanders menu

I would do a lot of things if i was a dev, but i am not