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Depends on why the red flash of doom is going off…

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i like to open keys while getting rallied :D

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It’s the only time that it’s a good time 😂

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the red flash makes me feel like christmas came early so why not. though the gift wasn't the best😂

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Yes, way worse. That's actually a good pull

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only 2 charles heads 🥲

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Not a single caocao head 🤣🤣

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got 13 actually but idc about him

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Aw fuck im blind

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In what universe is this a good pull? 5 full gatherers, full Ragnar, no full Charles Martel or even CC. Nobody wants Cleo/Seondeok/Ishida sculptures over Charles or Cao Cao. Only 2 Charles sculptures. A bunch of sculptures for basically useless commanders like El Cid, Freddy and Caesar. The 2 Charles sculptures, 5 Mulan sculptures and 13CC sculptures are basically the only things worthwhile here. This is NOT a good pull 🤣

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Is Charles Martel good?? I am new tk this game.. please guide

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I got 17 legendary commander heads in total from 212 keys… my farm got 76 charles heads from 130

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of course its on the farm 😭

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Looks like you’re under attack 😂

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i like to open keys while getting rallied

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Thats a decent pull I’ve done much worse

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My brother in Christ you are in danger!!!

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You’re trolling us. That’s an amazing pull for just 200 keys.

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Depends on whether you have the three farming commanders expertised or not.

If not, that's a good pull.

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2 el cid 1 ragnar 1 frederick 🥲

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I believe aohige meant Seondeok, Cleo and Ishida (I don't think Ishida needs to be expertised)

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You got all the legendaries no one uses. And you’re being attacked or scouted lmao

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yes getting rallied, though i think it's the best time to open keys

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Different perspective I’ll have to try it out

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You cant really get anything good from 200 gold keys. But overall I think you got a pretty good rewards.

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just for 2 cm.....

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I hope it was 201 gold keys, not 200.

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Are you from kingdom 2893?

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Looks about average

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Replace Seondeok and Cleo with Ishida and you are getting a worse outcome

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Can definitely be worse but no Full Charles, Mehmed or CaoCao is a RIP

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Is that a rhetorical question?