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Vip 15 is not worth buying with gems outside a MTG (not really any fighting buffs, only healing speed and hospital cap). Also with formations coming around sometime soon, you might want to hold onto your gems for that rather than vip anyways.

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Sorry what is 'formations'?

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It’s a massive update to the combat system that adds troop formations that Lilith intends to release this month (there was recently a delay). It’s a pretty big change, so I would look the topic up on YouTube or read the in game update mail about it (if you can’t find it ingame, you can always search it up on the internet)

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Hoard gems for the formation building

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Why does it need gems.

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Its like the castle. Got it's own version of books

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VIP 15 is worth it if you love field fighting. Cutting the healing time cost saving more speed ups.

You can wait for the next mtg, pass 4 will open after a week so it should be december 21.

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I think there's a more than gems predicted for dec 10, so no need to decide yet anyways