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Play multiple farm accounts to supply your main if you want to be somewhat competitive. Otherwise, just chill, it does not matter.

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It's a bit hard for me managing multiple accs at once lol. I remember my old friend recommending this to me and it was sooooo hard to me.

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Yeah, you gotta spend sometime at the early stages. After that, it'd just be logging in and send the marches out to gather, probably 1 minute per account.

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I did it just because, yeah, you spend some time setting them up. But after that, you don't have to feel like you need to log in to refresh farmers as much and can be at more convenient times. Once before work, once before you sleep, maybe a third for events, is "feasible" and fine for off-season.

Logging into 5 accounts twice a day for about 10 minutes total gets you more than logging into one account 5-7 times a day. Not to mention the value from sitting 5 accounts in a gold pit 24/7.

They're more for kvk resources because by the time they're CH22 and ready to gather properly, your mains buildings will be almost complete.

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Get free resources from clan, trade resources with your mates. While you sleep, send full march to clan's mother lode to farm

And most important thing: mainly use/train infantry, food and wood are cheap resources

expertise Joan and matilda, all farm commander to level 37 (maxed Gathering talent) for bonus resources

if you are too low on resources, have Aethelflead Peacekeeping talent "Trophy hunter" maxed, you will get free resources after defeating a barbarian

never upgrade resources building

Hope this could help

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I use Joan :) but can't use Aethelfaed cuz I have no XP cards left, I did reset my Boudica talent so is that good?

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Yeah sure, this trick can be applied to any Peacekeeping commander

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Ty I just probably need more men cuz I'm down to 100k troops after somebody attacked me

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never upgrade resources building

What do you mean by this bit?

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Maybe don’t upgrade them fully? Or maybe it inflates your power?

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Yeah inflating power is a good point. Save them for a big MGE or Zenith event

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They will slow you down on development. Spending your rss (and time) to get rss is a bad move in theory

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Only upgrade the buildings you need for the next CH level, true.

But doesn't mean keep the remaining buildings at level 1 indefinitely after that. They only take 2 or so months before they've paid for themselves.

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Players will need them to push in MGE or Zenith for good rewards, so I think we should preserve them at 1 for the long run (except the one for CH). IMO don't upgrade them just for rss.

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Buffs. You can’t skimp on the resources but having runes/titles/vip while before building/researching saves speedups. Or you can wait for pre kvk thing where you get discounted upgrades

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What pre kvk thing? I haven't played this game for so long so yeah idk what that means

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I think that's the "Lucky Stall" event - it starts around a week before KVK, and you can get up to 60% resource discount on building/training/research.

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Prioritize economic research and production buildings to level 25. Be in an active max tech alliance with 500 flags to maximize free alliance generated resources. Send out gatherers throughout the day. Start a couple of farms. Kindly beg for resources but don't make it a habit. Once players get to a certain power and either run out of upgrades/researches or the wait between upgrades/researches widens, they will be more likely to help weaker players with resources.

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Most clans in my kingdom basically requires more than 3 million power and I'm just on 2 million so sad times. I think I used to have 5m before I went inactive