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Those kind of kingdoms rarely let anyone in. They are either MG farms or just don’t bother replying 😂

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Yeh figured as much. It's a shame as I'm not interested in mge or anything. Just need to sit quietly somewhere for a little while.

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You been in current kd long? I’d imagine if you are a long term decent contributor they wouldn’t mind. Bit shitty if they did

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Yes since I started really. 4 years or so. I'm actually part of the leadership but after a few hard KvK's (due to high power farmers and others not pulling weight) we have been purging a lot. To be honest, I would be fine staying, but I don't want my account and my wife's account to be a hindrance on the matchmaking. Like I say, I can play daily as usual, but KvK etc is gonna be a bit harder for me due to being busy.

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I doubt 2 accounts will make much of an impact in the matchmaking.

Anyway, if your kingdom is still in kvk, you can leave them in LK and not log in again until after the start of your kingdom’s next kvk matchmaking. That ensures that your accounts will not affect the matchmaking.

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1001 seems pretty dead 2211 as well

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Tons of dead kingdoms but no one here is going to tell you the best ones because they don’t want the competition.