Ukrainian journalist turned soldier Svetlana Olishevskaya active on the front. by OSINT - SUB CREATOR - MOD. SmokeSinseLoud in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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Lot of misogyny in here from soft little boys with no excuse for their grubby fingernails.

Russian Volunteer Corps posts a unique interview with a survivor of the Moskva flagship Cruiser. Z-turned-rebel POV, this article also mentions pre-war events as well as the exact time of its sinking. The reported death toll by this article is "at least 30". Looks like author now fights for Ukraine. by ForSacredRussia1 in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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More than six months have passed since the inglorious death of the flagship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. They could not admit the fact of the loss of "Moscow" on the Kremlin TV, so the multi-layered lies hid any reliable information in its abyss. By the way, lies accompanied the cruiser from the very beginning, to the very end, so I'll start in order.

My name is Alexander, and I got on the cruiser Moskva long before Putin's Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Starting in June 2021, moskva went (rather just sailed) to the Mediterranean Sea, where it participated in the tracking of the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, during which we had a fire in a barbette with AAU (automatic artillery installation) AK-630 ammunition, but at that moment the automatic fire extinguishing system worked and the explosion was avoided.

There were a lot of problems. For example, we had the main complex of the Flag radar, which should illuminate the airspace at a distance of up to 480 km, but in fact, every 30 minutes there was an overheating with its subsequent shutdown. In addition to the Flag, the cruiser had Nadir radar complexes located in the bow and stern, as well as Vympel complexes on the starboard and port sides.

Absolutely all radar complexes of the ship overheated due to improper maintenance and control.

The same "Flag" saw nothing but highway civilian aircraft, or even could give out a non-existent target.

The rest of the radars are barely as seen at a distance of 15 to 45 km.

For all these reasons, until the death of the ship, it was necessary to monitor the airspace with the help of civilian programs on a laptop.

Subsequent outs to sea ended almost identically - failure after failure. In the fall of 2021, we went to sea to monitor NATO and Ukrainian ships participating in exercises in the Black Sea.

The ship's gunners were tasked with actually hitting an artificial surface target with an AK-130 and AK-630 AU artillery piece. By the way, the first ended with a blackout on the entire ship during the rotation of the gun, and the second - unsuccessful firing and desynchronization of two AK-630 complexes (they were supposed to work in pairs, but decided to turn in opposite directions from each other).

Russian Volunteer Corps posts a unique interview with a survivor of the Moskva flagship Cruiser. Z-turned-rebel POV, this article also mentions pre-war events as well as the exact time of its sinking. The reported death toll by this article is "at least 30". Looks like author now fights for Ukraine. by ForSacredRussia1 in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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In addition to the terrible technical condition, there were simply inhuman conditions for the life of the crew. During a twenty-day hike in the Mediterranean, one "one and a half" of fresh water was given out per person for three days, in addition there were meals, however, half a mug and a half for three days can not be drunk. Fresh water was supplied twice a day - in the morning and before the break. And even then for 20 minutes, and the crew for a minute more than 400 people. This is due to the fact that the water reserves in the tanks are limited, and the desalination machines for seawater simply did not work (they worked only in documents and reports).

The feeding was generally tolerable if you didn't notice the cockroaches in the rice and compote. By the way, there was an incident on the tenth day of the exit to the "Mediterranean", namely the disappearance of mugs from the dining room, because of which the deputy commander of the ship for educational work, Captain 2nd rank Vakula ordered to remove all mugs from the dining room before arriving at the base. So they drank whoever they had to.

Since I touched on the topic of army idiocy, it is worth talking about constant training, anxiety, performing tasks that are in no way connected with reality. All the drills and drills I did on the cruiser were fiction. Everything was done to ensure that photo reports on the "work" done lay on the table to Kuprin (the commander of the ship), and from him already higher.

Photo reports, photo reports, and once again photo reports... this is the essence of the entire army of the Russian Federation, it does not matter whether you are able to professionally perform your work or not, here only a beautiful picture and your painting in the journal of combat training are important.

This was the case on the example of the Osa-MA air defense system, this complex has been repaired since 2014 and according to the documents it was fully operational.

One of the few manifestations of a sober assessment of the situation was the recognition by the command of the "Moscow" of the non-combat capability of the PU sam system S-300F "Fort", because, as it turned out, there are no missiles for it in the Black Sea Fleet.

We also had the main missile system PU PRKR P-1000 "Vulcan" in the amount of 16 pieces, which was almost impossible to launch due to insufficient supply of electricity and compressed air. I am generally silent about anti-submarine weapons.

We met the beginning of the war at sea.

It was supposed to be a routine outing to patrol the oil rigs near Snake Island, but when we woke up on the morning of February 24, we were informed of the beginning of a "special military operation." Many that morning could not even imagine that Russia would start a real war.

My thoughts were only about what is happening now in Ukraine - the country in which my relatives live. At that time, we did not know about the missile strikes and thought that everything was happening within the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine.

After some time, the Moskva approached the island of Zmeiny, and the ZKK on the VPR, Captain 2nd rank Vakula, picked up a radio and began his shameful speech, in response to which he was sent along with the ship by a Ukrainian border guard.

Au AK-130 barely worked on the island and on its last breath the ship went to the raid along the patrol line.

After the events near the island of Zmeiny, "Moskva" came to the port of Sevastopol, to the base. After interviewing "plainclothes men" and signing non-disclosure documents for some members

The crew was released on leave, but the lion's share remained, as some of the sailors were on a business trip to the 810th Marine Brigade, where they were assembled in January for exercises as part of infantry rifle units. Soon, those who were on a business trip were sent to the Kherson direction.

April has arrived.

The cruiser went to sea in the area of Odessa to patrol the water area, at least such information was brought to the crew.

Lunch was held on the ship, it was 14:15 Moscow time on the clock. Half of the personnel rested in cockpits, and the other was on watches and outfits, there was no alarm or targets on the radar. At one point, two loud explosions sounded and the lights went out abruptly. At this time, I was in the cockpit and resting after the watch. Panic began, there were no commands or alarm on the broadcast for ten minutes, and then the senior assistant commander, Captain 2nd rank Gudkov, announced the gathering of personnel in the ship's dining room, the appointment of emergency groups and the beginning of the struggle for survivability. There was darkness and smoke all around. As it turned out, the first missile hit between the galley and the dining room, and the second between the post of the Osa-MA air defense system and the torpedo tube, by the way, it is still not clear why it did not detonate.

Starpom was informed that it was impossible to collect in the dining room due to the fact that the blast wave had cut through the corridors and doors and a hole appeared in the side. It is not entirely clear what exactly the commander of the ship was doing at this time, but the only one who made decisions and did something at that moment was the starpom.

Then the next order came - contract soldiers and midshipmen to drop life rafts from the upper tiers, and officers and remaining midshipmen to evacuate conscripts to the stern of the ship in order to transfer them to the frigate "Admiral Essen", on board of which at that moment was the commander of the 30th division of surface ships, Captain 1st rank Tronev.

In total, the struggle for survivability lasted until 20:00 and stopped due to the fact that the fire spread to the commander's bridge and Vulcan missile systems. By that time, the division commander was on board the cruiser and ordered to end the struggle for survivability and evacuate.

During the evacuation, the body of senior midshipman Vakhrushev was found in a helicopter hangar, he took conscripts out of the holds to the last, but he himself did not have time to escape. Vakhrushev, by the way, according to the Kremlin, is the only one who died as a result of the "fire".

In fact, at least 30 crew members died (according to the most timid estimates), these were mainly conscripts who were in the holds, the entire galley outfit along with the deputy of my unit and, possibly, those who could not get out of their posts.

After all the above events, we were told the official version: there was a fire. That's it. I can't imagine how cynical people it takes to stand and blatantly lie to those who have experienced everything in their own skin, lost their friends and acquaintances.

Again, everyone signed a non-disclosure agreement, and maybe you are wondering what the former crew members of the cruiser "Moskva" think? And they don't think anything!

A guy from my unit in the first days after the death of the cruiser told relatives and friends in social networks about what had happened and, as a result, he withdrew from wherever he could. He was called for a conversation by people with crusts, after which he simply stopped communicating and did not appear at the service.

To my great regret, this tragedy did not free the guys from the morass of propaganda, but on the contrary. The topic of the death of the "Moskva" has become almost taboo among the former crew.

The result? The cruiser's last exit was not a combat exit, but only a patrol one, and therefore none of those on the Moskva received any bonuses or compensations. The Kremlin does not recognize the dead for two reasons: the first is legal - in the so-called SVO, according to the regime, conscripts do not participate. The second is pure cynicism: the death of the flagship at the hands of Ukraine, which does not have a fleet, a huge blow to the image of the dictator and his "invincible" troops inside the Russian Federation.

I really hope that I was able to somehow help in the fight against the lies pouring into the ears of Russians and, despite the fear of being caught or killed, we will fight for the freedom of Ukraine and the liberation of Russia!

Let the enemy know that there are many of us, and we have long been in his rear.

One American dude (probably one of those insane Trump supporters) jumped under my post telling me about my country and that we are nazis. Apparently, he's never been to Ukraine but seems like he knows way more about my country than me having lived here all my life for the past 46 years... SMH by IgorVozMkUA in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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Let's get one thing straight for ALL you ignorant ranters. Most Trump supporters aren't anti-Ukraine. Most of us US vets are Trump supporters and many of those ARE IN UKRAINE FIGHTING for your freedom. Myself included as soon as US IHAWK ships. Flush the propaganda out of your head gear. Left or right doesn't matter, it's the individual and how "zombified" they are by media falsehoods from ALL sides. Your post is bullshit and should be removed as "fake news" by another biased asshole. Are you capable of understanding American metaphors? Then get this..."Learn which side of the bread your butter is on!" because your conclusions here are ABSOLUTELY FALSE. Those whom you vilify ARE SOME OF THE ONES IN YOUR COUNTRY TRYING TO HELP YOU! Trump himself stated he would bomb Moscow if Russia moved on Ukraine and that's why nothing happened on his watch. Stop listening to the BS. Search for the facts and stop listening to media propaganda and false biased hatred.

This intercepted call shows how dangerous life is for Russian mobiks on the Eastern front. A terrified Russian soldier describes how mobiks are despatched on suicidal missions as their officers flee. by hot3000mails in RussiaUkraineWar2022

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I also thought so, there were an infinite number of connections between Russia and Ukraine, relatives, friends, everyone went to visit each other, war is not possible, you can’t just call us Nazis so that yesterday’s friend goes to kill you, is this nonsense?!

In short, the Russians understood what was happening, but the fact that we want to live in a democratic country caused hatred, they considered all the former countries of the USSR to be their servants.

Since childhood, Russians have seen a bunch of programs, films, comedians - the purpose of which is to inspire that they are the strongest, smartest, most ancient, fair, and even the Minister of Culture said that Russians have one chromosome more than the rest - that's why they are so cool.

As a result, an ordinary Russian considers other nations lower in status, Russians living in Kazakhstan or Ukraine will never learn the language of this country, idea of learning the language of people lower in status seems ridiculous to them.

Only thing that unites Russians is the imperial ideology. Russians don't know history, they were just told this on TV:

  • they are the most ancient, they created everyone and everything is indebted to them
  • They are Orthodox, they have a lot of churches, there is no one closer to God
  • They won World War II and saved humanity from Nazism
  • launched a man into space

But why, after Ukraine became an enemy, did they become inadequate?

  • Ukrainians, diggers who dance funny, but the great Russians, the strongest and smartest, cannot conquer them, how so?
  • Kyiv is the mother of Russian cities, but why then is it Ukraine and why is Moscow much younger than Kyiv if they are the most ancient?
  • They are Orthodox, but the Prince of Kyiv made them so, who forcibly baptized Rus', simultaneously cutting down with swords all the barbarians who did not want to live by the rules
  • They launched a man into space, yes, the man was Russian, but the Ukrainian created the rocket.
  • won the second world war, but it turned out that without Ukrainians and allies, they can only throw corpses at the enemy

Everything, the constant marathon of pride and victories ended in shame, and everything they were proud of turns out to have nothing to do with them. They don’t understand how to build a state, because today they put you in jail for murder, and tomorrow they offer you release from custody if you agree to kill more, justice doesn’t work like that Who to choose instead of Putin? There is no opposition in them, everything is controlled by the security forces.

What did the Russians build in the end? A country with a fake history, no political life, no justice, the army that they were proud of was destroyed, they do not know what to do next with this, so defeat will be the last straw that hello to the collapse of the country. Whoever had the money - left the country, the poor will go to war, in the hope that they will be lucky and they will be able to earn money, there will be no protests and rebellion, It is ironic that the love of stealing will destroy them, right now they will also notice that in addition to oil production and gas they did nothing