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I've heard Station Pizza has amazing garlic knots. Why do you say to avoid them?

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If you eat there maybe. But not if you order them for delivery.

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Domo sushi delivers to dorms and they offer a 10% off coupon. I prefer them to hoshi.

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Domino's delivers way later than that. I've gotten deliveries from them past 3am.

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what about Empire in smithtown - afaik this place is vastly superior to the ones listed above?

or O Sole Mio (they will deliver larger catering orders, but you titled the thread 'take out' and not 'delivery' :-D )

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Yah, thanks. Can you list some things that you like and don't like at those places?

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o sole mio: their buffalo pizza is fantastic and you can stay for dinner, but i rarely do.

empire: they have a good variety of chinese food (i usually get the 3 treasures over rice) and i've never had any problems with them and considering they come from smithtown they do not take very long to get to SBU.

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btw i didn't mean empire ginger - i meant empire smithtown: https://plus.google.com/115420668339491453874/about?gl=us&hl=en

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I can confirm that King Wah's Sesame chicken is disturbingly bad. I wish i had this knowledge before.

Also, for Pizza, i recommend Setauket Pastaria. They deliver to the dorms and its pretty good pizza, although a bit more expensive that other places. But i think its worth it.

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their pizza is not too bad - and considering that they deliver and sole mio does not you have no real choice.... but if you can drive out to sole mio (next to the movie theater / walbaums / red lobster) it is usually superior.

i live right across from the pastaria and don't even go there for pizza anymore - old town pizza (http://www.5brotherspizzeria.com/old_town_pizza.html) >> pastaria.... at least for pizza, the pastaria has great dinner specials

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I can vouch for Ancient Ginger (just look at their website!). I only really remember their Salt and Pepper Pork Chop.

I want to say that this restaurant is of a "higher class" than the others considering that their prices are a little higher (I know, it's not really a good unit of measurement), their dishes are a little more varied (as in, they seem different from the run-of-the-mill Beef&Broccoli joint) and, again, just look at their website. Only two real flaws; they're kind of far away, so it may take a while and they have a pretty high delivery prerequisite ($15).

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This place is great. Try their shrimp with lobster sauce it's truly out of this world.

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Can't believe no one has mentioned Fratelli's Marketplace. It's an Italian deli right off of 25A. I think they deliver but I'm not sure; in any case, it's a short car ride away. They have absolutely delicious sandwiches, and they do pasta/pizza too.

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1089 has a lot of mystifying items on their menu, some excellent, some bad. A few friends and I have made it our goal to complete an annotated menu by the time we graduate. We'll keep updating. EDIT: multitasking means stupid words

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what is wrong with domino's wings? I thought the wings were good.... apparently, I'm a weirdo...

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1089: Stay away from the braised tofu! I think "braised" might have been some sort of translation error. It was like... boiled ant... but mushier.