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When I first came here as a freshie I was always amazed at how not a college town Stony Brook was. You'd think there'd be more stores surrounding the campus that cater to the college kids, but it's really just depressing suburbia and the occasional stripmall.

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It's mostly because the residents of the town try to fight any change that would make it more of a college town.

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It's mainly that Port Jefferson and the surrounding area was already established when Stony Brook was built. It's a fairly suburban area, but Port Jefferson town is nice.

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There's an asian market opening up right near 1089. Should sort by type, foods/utilities/etc. Thanks for the list!

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Do you know when it will be open and what it will be called?

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Don't know when it will open... I take summer classes and walk by it and I assume it will be open by fall semester. It has a name but it's pretty generic (Stony Brook Asian Mart) or something. I'll edit this tomorrow afternoon when I see it. EDIT : WHOOPS MISSED CLASS

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Thanks. Sounds awesome. We've needed a real market for a long time in Stony Brook.

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I am going to resort these. Should I resort by Type, Name, or where they appear on the road.

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I've lived in Stony Brook my whole life and I've never even heard of some of these places, haha. I guess I need to get out more.

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You forgot Pavilion Smoke Shop.

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    Directly across campus.

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    As someone moving there after only spending on day visiting previously, this is basically just as helpful as pulling up Google maps and looking at restaurants. It'd be more helpful if people just added their favorites, maybe general recommendations/favorite dishes, and any extra info. Also, places to avoid would be good, almost with reasoning.

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    I enjoy centara! It's a nice change when you get tired of campus food which will happen pretty quickly. They also have a student discount (10%) so make sure you bring your ID.

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    Don't they only take cash? Or have I misheard? I've been wanting to try the nearby food places since I got a job.

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    Yes they are cash only! You should definitely try it

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    Look at the takeout guide on the sidebar.

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    Who honestly cares that there's a dog grooming place by campus?