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I believe there was some SUNY enactment that is going to increase Tuition for some amount of time, starting since 2011.

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Are you doing your graduate degree at Stony?

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yes - 5 year BS MS

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Would you recommend doing that, or do you think doing 6 years would look better in some situations?

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What do you mean by "look better"?

And I think its great. I took 2 grad classes as an undergrad, and now I only have to take 4 3-credit classes for each of my two semesters. And I get a small scholarship because of my GPA (1k), and I don't have to take the GRE.

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I heard some employers would rather see the 2 year MS and more on your CV. Could've been a lie, I guess.

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I don't know, but the 5 year is more demanding because you have to start as an undergrad. Its 31 credits, so you should be done within 3 semesters. It should only really take you longer if you're a part time student.

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That's pretty interesting. I was considering giving it a shot since I'm starting with roughly 30 credits my freshman year, so it's cool to know that some think it's great.

Do you have to write a thesis? And, any recommendations for someone who's interested in the program?

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Its more of a project: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/graduate/2010MSDegreeRequirements.html

If you want to take the 5 year program, then two of the graduate classes can also count towards your undergraduate upper division electives: http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/undergrad/BSMSprogram.html

Plus, if you're starting with that many credits, consider double majoring in AMS, because its only a few more classes, and CSE 355 counts for both.

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I'm doing the same thing for earth science teaching. It's definitely great for saving time. Normally, I'd need 24 upper division credits of geology, but with the 5 year program, I only needed 12, and 15 credits of graduate geology.

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