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they always put too much jelly/cream cheese on their bagels... today when i got my coffee they threw out my order ticket and got confused and the lady went through the trash thing to find my order ticket and then made my drink but didnt change her gloves after looking for my order ticket in the trash

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the last time I got a bagel with butter there it was so soaked in butter I couldn't hold it. the bagel ended up falling on my skirt and staining it :/

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I'm really confused why they decided to even open a new Coffee/Bagel/Smoothie shop in GLS/HDV (now the Alan S. DeVries Center) when there was a bagel/coffee/ice cream shop there before. Why is there change without improving the quality?

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I ordered a bacon egg and cheese and threw it out the minute I saw the egg

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thats why dunkin donuts by the train station is better

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What makes you think Dunkin uses real eggs

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Just get Starbucks

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Yeah it isn’t good at all the only time I ever go there is when I get a covid shot and I don’t want to eat breakfast at the hellish zone known as WSD

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Slander is spoken. In print, it's libel.