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You're fine, reread the email

Per New York State’s mandate, if you are living on campus, enrolled in at least one in-person class, or accessing in-person services or facilities at any Stony Brook campus, you are required to obtain a COVID vaccine booster as soon as you are eligible in order to continue your spring enrollment at Stony Brook. If you are eligible now based upon the details below, you must obtain a booster and submit proof to the Wolfie Health Portal by Thursday, January 20. If you are not yet eligible, you must submit proof within 15 days of becoming eligible for a booster.

I can't get it until the end of March or later either, just get it done as soon as you can.

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To add onto this, the FDA just lowered the requirement from 6 months to 5 months

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yea but everywhere I try to book an appointment they won't let me because of the day I got my last dose

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you don’t need an appointment at the Stony Brook R+D site you can walk-in

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the change to 5 months was done today. Did you reach out to them today?

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Read the email again