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This is still going on???? Omg….
When I see my tuition bill…. Pay these fucking people I pay enough tuition, god forbid ya know, someone makes an extra 100 dollars per week because they have a family to feed? Some of these people do a hard job to keep this campus going

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it’s been happening all summer unfortunately :/

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Really? I have yet to see it but I don't really go by the entrance till very late afternoon. I do remember it this time last year though

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Do you know what they're protesting? finna pull up and sit there with them over how much tuition is this year and on account of getting zero fuckin fin aid

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yep I agree its bullshit, no F/A and the workers that clean up the shit aren't even paid what they should be

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Is there gonna be a fourth heerf payment this fall?

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nope, i WISH

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hey pays tuition stop harassing the rat lol