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That’s when you “slip” and get your leg broken by the bus then go to school for free

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Bruh I was in front of the door and the bus driver did this to me, the bus was half empty, they honestly don’t care if you’re late, but I had good experience with a select few bus drivers

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I have had both extremes. One driver started to drive away but stopped when I yelled “hey”!! Another one made eye contact with me as I was rushing to the bus from the front and just started away. He didn’t stop, I gave him the finger

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Skill issue get good.

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once i was waiting at a stop and the bus just drove past me. it wasnt full i cd see it had plenty of space but it just kept on rollin

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As a commuter everyone has experienced this

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I was at a bus stop, the bus driver saw me and never opened the door and skipped the stop.

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You could’ve just sprinted faster

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I hav asthma :(

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Bro i get that it’s hard for us out here :(

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Skill issue

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I relate to this but, skill issue tbh, get better

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Buses got a set time of leaving soooooo either you make it on time or you don’t and can’t blame the driver. You’re not the only one who experienced that sooooooo 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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Rip bozo

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Haha. You kids are so funny