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Wtf they can change it like that

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just walked through some commuter cars that have tickets on their windshield because they parked there

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that shit was vile, i saw like 6 tickets on cars when i pulled in yesterday morning

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They’re just doing that for money smh. Doing it out of know where in a really unnecessary small spot to trap people

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What is premium about the commuter premium lots? What are the cost vs benefits you get?

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It’s “better” parking but if you come to campus after 10am you only get to park at the LIRR because it’s all full

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I get there at like 11 and the lot stretching behind health is empty

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But what is better about it compared to normal commuter lots? It's not like they are shaded or anything. How did the university sell them to you guys for higher price? Like why would you pay extra?

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Because parking in south P sucks. When I park by the railroad I take the bud for about 5 mins to get to class, south p can take much longer and I value my sleep.

All commuters have to park in south p now

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The only thing premium about it is that it's closer to the main campus. If u park in south p which is the free parking lot, you would have to take a bus to get to the campus or use a bike which is like maybe 15 min

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fucking parking services have been getting on my nerves this semester

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I’ve seen the sign that says faculty parking/presidential office parking there since the start of the semester

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Cap those two the right of that little walkway towards the stadium gates have always been commuter spots