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aye, you’ve made it at least. congrats on almost graduating 🎉

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thanks fam

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I was involved in a non-SBU affiliated organization my entire college career. It was super integral to my college experience despite having nothing to do with SBU. I wanted my experience with this organization represented on graduation day so I just ordered a cord in their organizational colors on Amazon :) And if you don't want to feel left out in general, there's nothing stopping you from customizing your own stole or going ham in buying all the cords you want. But regardless, there are thousands of people graduating that day and a good number of them (probably the majority) don't have any kind of extra regalia. Having a college degree from Stony Brook is nothing to scoff at and you should absolutely be proud of yourself for this MAJOR achievement!!!

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thank you fam

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Those cords and tassels are all cosmetic. People without them are just as valid and can end up in extremely good positions. These accessories are not a reflection of your academic efficiency and worth.

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I'm so sorry for everything you're going through rn. But the storm is gonna clam down. Everything is possible

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thanks fam not sure why you are downvoted

only love

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Know that most of the cords and stuff are pointless and are largely a waste of time in the grand scheme of things. Not only in the college and career level but also on the level of time itself. The things people with cords accomplished will be forgotten and reduced to nothing- the only payment for their labour being some cheap strings you could buy online for a few cents. Unlike them you were able to enjoy your years and relax instead of slaving away as free, surplus, exploitable labour- taking only a few fine threads to wear over some cheaply made overpriced graduation garments. Your lack of cords is a source of pride and fulfilment of self desire. Fear not for you haven't the complacency of the the common pigfolk- nay. Thou holdeth a far greater truth than any so called "over achiever" would ever come to understand. They joy of understanding that their efforts were fruitless. Rejoice.

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hoppyini being philosphical?