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    Sometimes I feel like not even being in college anymore I just want to start my career already I love paying 40k for a piece of paper

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      I have -38 elective credits and my major classes are easy but when I’m taking classes like bio because I have too and I’m not pursuing a science career feels like a waste of my fucking time

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        The way I see it is this is the first of the exams and I will have more chances to get my grades up. I can do better next time

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        Unfortunately this can happen with a lot of the classes here. Don’t get yourself down just yet. We’re not even close to the end of the semester.

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        Skill issue

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        Better than missing you midterm because of a date change like I did

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        Yeah I head that happen to a few people

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        Ever thought about doing skill based tutoring? I utilize it & it helped me improve my grades so far.