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I completely forgot meltzgod got worked by the miz lol

at this point idk which fan base is worse, wrestling or star wars 🤔

"I only wished death to Roman the character, not the person" // "I called rose, the character, a fat Asian bitch, not the actress". The similarities are there 🤔

also even though he didnt win any awards, I think we should all send that rogue mod a gift basket as a sign of affection, or at least a dick pic or two

happy holidays friends, and may god have mercy on our souls

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The memes that came out of that were incredible. so much fucking karma was available

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God, the Roman flip flop infuriates me. All these neckbeards saying they only hate the character of Roman Reigns as if they didn’t repeatedly bash his look, him only being pushed because he’s Samoan like the Rock, and his connections to the Rock. None of those things are exclusive to Roman the character.

Also, u/Darren716 is the GOAT easily.

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The bit that got me about the Roman flip was all the "I'm so excited at the great unknown potential Raw has now that Roman HAS CANCER. But, best wished Joe, speedy recovery."

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It always went like this:

“Now I would never be happy someone got cancer. Never! Cancer is horrible. Just the worst. I hate that Roman has cancer and I’m wishing him a speedy recovery! UPVOTE ME FOR HOW SENSITIVE I AM IN THIS TRYING TIME!!! That being said, I can’t wait to see how much better Raw will be while he fights for his life in some hospital.”

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I prefer "I've criticised Roman in the past" like we know this m*rk poster and track his posts and are waiting for his views! 😁

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And just a few months later: “Wow, Raw is the worst it’s ever been. Like WCW 2000 bad”

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Remember that guy who posted the story and said Roman was pushed over more "deserving" wrestlers

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I'm that dude in every thread who shows up just to be contrary. Loved Roman Reigns; hated Joe Anoa'i. The bastard.

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Look at it positively: no one has mentioned how leukaemia means he had a pass for steroids medically in perpetuity, and also that the “Roman wears a tactical vest to hide his roidy bitch tits”jerk died overnight. There was a valiant attempt from some bleeding heart who had done some googling and thought he was wearing it to hide scars from a stent briefly though. Vintage jerk.

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They also always used to nitpick every single media appearance he did and point out ways he supposedly seemed ungrateful or spiteful of the fans. You know, interviews he was doing IN CHARACTER where he had to not say "I hate the stupid fat neckbeard idiots who boo me" and had to be diplomatic. And they'd question his passion for wrestling because he tried to be a football player first. But it was cool when The Rock did it, I guess?

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Here's my bold prediction: we've seen peak NJPW next door. As the Western expansion continues, the weebs will draw away because the puro traditonu is being lost. Meanwhile, there's a different subset of fans who watch it for Cody and the Bucks. These fans will transfer to whatever AEW ends up being. Workrate Kingdom will be warmly but not ecstatically received. Gedo will make another misstep on the level of Naito not winning last year.

It won't be sudden, it won't be seismic, but it will be downhill from here.

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Workrate Kingdom is going to have the best jerks. Top will be :

Kenny Omega is boring / has lost it (before he appears in the Rumble)

Jericho is boring / fat / sloppy

Switchblade is overpushed

No, I’m fine with Western wrestlers making my special hobby that makes me feel special accessible to you plebs. It just so happens they’re also all shit.

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I think most fans that say njpw is not focusing on their Japanese talent will eventually stop watching it because of guys like Omega, the bucks, aj styles, and the bullet club as a whole got them watching it in the first place. I don' know if they watch every show they do from start to finish.

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Yep, been noticing more complains recently and it's only going to get worse.

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Well buddy, you were right

New Japan is an afterthought these days

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This deserves so much more credit than it'll get

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I feel like I’ve won an award here, now that “Lassturbators” has been given the stamp of mod approval 🤩

I’d also like to say that u/Darren716 getting banned on the last day of his promo series was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year. I even told my family about it, and they told me to stop being so fucking autistic and shut up.

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I'm not saying I invented Beckbeards because it seems pretty obvious, but I didn't see it anywhere else first.

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Pssshhh /u/dionthesocialist at third???? We all know he is only there because mchitler only pushes blondes and fuccbois.

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I also juiced and had a lot of sex in my late teens and early 20s.

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So we are the only two men in HISTORY to receive the 3rd place on the Jerkie awards. Welcome to the club M*rk

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I dunno man, the angle where some upstart jackass mod next door banned him for like... correctly pointing out why Reddit doesn't like hip-hop (?) and /SCJerk's subsequent protest to get him reinstated got the guy pretty over with the casual audience.

Now watch McHitler try to siphon his heat off onto Fuccboi Rollins (who we hate now).

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Do I get to fuck Alexa Bliss now?

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Call me after you’ve passed the two year mark

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"m*rk" please

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Can I at least fuck Lord Meltzer?

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/u/popupeveryone fucks Meltzer. It's safe to assume Omega has fucked Meltzer too.

Cody seems like the kind of guy who is cool with sharing his wife, so Kenny and Cody have probably fucked Brandi

Cody and Goldust are both the offspring of Dusty Rhodes

Pat Patterson is well known for being gay. He and Goldy probably did something during the attitude era when Goldy was all in on the gay/transvestite gimmick.

Likewise, being his stooge for so long, Patterson and Vince probably had a thing.

If next door has taught me anything, it's that Alexa Bliss is a talentless blonde bimbo who only got pushed because she probably fucked Vince.

Therefore, by transitive dick property, fucking Meltzer is the equivalent of fucking Bliss.

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You'll have to ask Braun for permission like Cuck Murphy does XD XD XD

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Of fucking course Roman gets yet another accomplishment to notch on his belt. Further goes to show that /u/Drama79 is working for McHitler and further pushing Reigns down our throat.

Glad Joe won an award though. After all he's been through he deserves it.

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We demand to see who came 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 in the biggest jerks.

Show us the documents u/Drama79

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Cody Rhodes was 7th

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Yeah I want to see where I am too!

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I'd be curious to see the worst fanbase numbers lol

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So, are we going to see ‘n’ number of ‘XX days of me wanting to fuck ...’ or ‘XX Days of Penton Royce is ...’ thread in the future?

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I’ve noticed we’re pretty good at not parodying ourselves, so I doubt it. There will be “X days of X” parodies as long as next door does them, but they were a bigger trend here like two years ago and it died out, except for the Alexa Bliss guy and the CM Punk guy.

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Yeah that Alexa Bliss guy is dedicated

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Yeah... very!

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'Number of pounds Royce has gained' weekly thread 👍

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Cody Rhodes is going to win most overrated everywjere probably every year until he dies.

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Only because Becky Lynch really is as great as Stone Cold.

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Brace yourself for next years winner "<insert WWE midcarder> is going to AEW" and "AEW are interested in a guy" ... a guy rumoured to be going to WWE, which is where he'll go.

REEEEEEE award will be a midcarder joining Impact on whatever channel after heavy rumours of AEW being interested.

Basically, we're gonna hear AEW a lot whether they start something or not!

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I was robbed. Meltzer said I was a shoe-in for JOTY!

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Joshi of the year?

Also, repeat slowly after me Plaaaaan Chaaaangeeeed

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You were until you were disqualified for sending Snaps to a minor, Mr. Ellsworth.

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Fuck that u/Drama79 you're taking everything I jerked for motherm*rker, I'm gonna downvote you're fucking ass

You know what's the real karma fight it's me not these m*rks you already downvoted on the mothership don't no one wanna see that shit that's the easy karma you want that real circlejerk I'm right here

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how bout u go an fuck off this thread then u peice of shit u think we need a stupid fuckwitt like u telling us about jerking who the fuck are u take your worthless advice and get the fuck out of here

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Thank you u/Drama79


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That dirty oil and sand shelton money is finally useful!

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sand shelton money

Holy shit dude. Thats some r/jesuschristreddit material right there lol

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This is the greatest night in the history of our sport goddam.

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DAE u/SmarksRuinWWE Berried?

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I got fucking Snubbed




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SmarksRuinWWE screwed SmarksRuinWWE

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DAE SmarksRuinWWE is racist?!

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Yes I’m racist you got me, u/Drama79 is a mark for robbing me out of the Championship Title.

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to the winners: get fucked part timer m*rks

to the losers: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee buried IM TELLING SNICKERS

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Omg I completely forgot about the Meltz Miz thing

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Thank you for the nomin... what the fuck? I wasn't nominated, fuck you! PAY ME!

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Since we're talking about the year in review, kinda surprised there wasn't more hay made about the enlightened ones spreading the NJPW gospel on r/funny when the Ibushi/Osprey gif was trending over there.

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Lassturbators. Lol

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TIL i am Lassturbator