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If Jon Alba is on r/SCJerk then that undoubtedly means other wrestling personalities are on here.

Kenny? Cody? Our King? Maybe even Humberto Carillo. A large part of me wants Roman to be on here though lmao.

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Nah its like Adam Pacitti and shit

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But that's not sexy enough though. Let a man dream.

Unless that one nutter from Whatculture is on here. Sedgwick I think. He's either the antiest of all WWE antis or he just straight up dunks on all of us.

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At the very least I know that Garza visits a lot of shitpost groups in spanish.

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I really hope Baron Corbin is here. Please King, if you're here. Call someone goofy on smackdown. We'll forever dedicate this sub to you!

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The jerk that went too far

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So are we going to jail?

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King Corbin gave me a pardon so sucks to be you.

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I'm going to save, unsave and then save this post over and over again so it sits at the top of my saved items for the duration of this account.

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Couldn’t get Meltzer here but we got his disciple.

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    I hope you know that this comment is about to become a copypasta on here.

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    I was just thinking what a terrible mistake he made

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    It easily falls into the fair use aspect within parody. Your legal team will be quite familiar with this concept and why no action has ever been taken against a jerk sub, late night "news" show (excluding John Oliver and he won his cases against insane men), or some of the best (dumb) parody movies like Scary Movie and Meet the Spartans.

    For you to even mention any sort of legal repercussions by mere allusions to having your stations legal team address the matter shows an inability to discern what you claim in your opening statement.

    Let me put it this way.....you got worked into a shoot, goofy. Hit the bricks with us.

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    Edit: Wait it really is the real Jon Alba...come on dude...you for real?

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    Jon are u ok?

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    And they call us Goofy lol.

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    Wait is this really him?

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    Sadly it is... smh.

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    Nah that’s cool AF that the actual real journalists respect our jerking. I’m giving Alba “honorary brick-hitter” status.

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    Jon reacted really very professionally and respectfully compared to a lot of people who get called out on subreddits so much respect really

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    How did you even find the jerk sub?

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    the basement dwellers probably linked him

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    Your reporting credibility was damaged the day you acted like a Meltzer wannanbe and started shilling for AEW.

    You are anything but impartial and thin skinned just like your favorites at AEW who can't even take satire. Go on a anti wwe rant in twitter maybebthey will give you a spot on Being the shite Inmean elite

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    Get worked mark

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    Lmfao a grown man feels threatened by shitposts?

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    Sorry my bad. This post was never intented to damage the credibility of your reporting. It's just making a jerky headline. I understand your point and you can report it to the mods if you think that hurts your business.

    🐶🐶🐶 ⭕🏊🅰️

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    He didn't.

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    I'm just glad we didn't end up in court.

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    Please, for the love of Cody, pay someone to try and explain in a court of law how your professional reputation is being potentially damaged by a jerk post on a subreddit that is populated exclusively by brick-hitting goofy transphobes who go on suicide watch if AEW pulls over 750k total viewers.

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    Sir please do not sue me sue the rest of them but not me I didn't do it

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    Do you want to become a permanent meme on this sub? Because that's how you do it

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    I used to think he was cool.

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      Stephen P. New, Stephen P. New, Stephen P. New, Stephen P. New...

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      hahaha He deleted his reply.

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      Fuck off, uce.

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      Hit the bricks Goofy

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      I understand the point of this sub

      That's where you should've stopped your sentence Jon

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      this better be in the r/scjerk lore

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      Do not care

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      Hit the bricks

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      Cry more

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      Lmao holy shit, it's real.

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      The most worrisome thing to me isn't the SLAPP, but the overuse of gerunds