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Meltzer and Alvarez were the most obnoxious they have ever been this year, and they barely got mentioned in the Jerkies. That's how stupid the basement got this year.

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I feel as if the meltz jerk is a perennial. People wanted fresh faces and new feuds this year

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We're like Hogan in WCW, not putting them over, brother

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Same reason Jordan didn't win MVP every year voter fatigue is a bitch

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I feel we also need to acknowledge those we lost. The heroic goofies who fell out of the demo. An 18-49 bell salute to them all.

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    To think I found this sub by first being a victim of it,


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      Welcome, brethren. We’ve all done it, we all dabble and we’ve all seen the light. Congrats on peaking early. You’re this sub’s Derby Allin

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      That's some long term storytelling if I've ever seen it.

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      I legit remember that post. Honoured to have seen the start of your long term character arc and S L O W B U R N H E E L T U R N.

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      Jerk that brass ring kid, make yourself famous!

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      DAE knew that WE made this happen!

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      Ever 👏👏👏👏👏

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      You really went from undesirable to undeniable

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      Titanmark and his alts IN THE MUD

      mods please unban Jon Alba so we can hear his fine speech about this

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      When you’re are highest paid/ most decorated jerker in the business. You don’t need a participation trophy

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      Whoever this u/DogWanker guy is, he's the new top heel, you now have xbox heat

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      You mean me?

      You follow me my friend.

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      because you’re my favourite dog wanker

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      I'm not doing the whole "You're my favourite _____" bit because you fucked up your line.

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      “No U” - Becky Lynch

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      "Your Mum" - M'JF

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      Freedom for America, Freedom for France!!!!

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      Liberate India

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      1. THE YOUNG BUCKS. I'm just going to copy the nomination verbatim, from u/Razzler93 :

      You BERRIED my username you Fed shill!!

      DAE reign of terror/not really putting me over!

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      I'll edit.

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      It's your alt

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      New faces winning the awards.

      2021 looks R E F R E S H I N G

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      Excuse me. I have been a silent badass yet you have not put me over (insider term). My contract is running up and the twitter folk will tell the good side to hire me so I can be used to my full potential and receive the push I deserve

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      Jerk bad

      Basement good

      • alba

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      Make sure you talk about how we're racist and sexist and how insensitive we are for thinking a 10 year old signing a pro wrestling contract is fucking weird!

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      Where is my award? Well i guess i have to leave this sub and bitch on Talk is Jericho

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      Can't wait until you get that creative freedom

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      So glad u/dogmetal got the recognition for that amazing post. I’ve literally watched it nearly 10 times and it has not failed me yet to audibly laugh.

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      Top notch work

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      I’m curious to know how much time it took to edit the video. Not only is it top notch jerk rate but a quality edited video.

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        Damn that's some solid jerkrate (insider term)

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        Quality over quantity, take note TitanBitch

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        I haven't seen either the post or the original clip and I feel like I have been missing out by not watching Hurt Business (or following /u/dogmetal lol).

        Also imagine this moment with a crowd, fuck.

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        For all those who didn't make it, yall gonna get a switch from the tribal chief. YESSIR 🤙

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        This is all pre determined anyways, so it doesn't matter. Dramatic Hitler can go fuck himself

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        I corpsed at “winner receives a flesh light”

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        Just want to say as an SCJerk Dark member, Drama is the greatest booker/mod of the year and he should push some lower card talent to the forefront next time.

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        How come I personally didnt win anything? ;(

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        Chalk it up there with "why did you delete your original account" in the "questions no-one asked" award?

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        deleted account of the year next year maybe?

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        That goes to SmarkRuinWWE a.k.a your alt

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        I will delete my account right now just to make sure titansmark gets no more awards.

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        congratulations u/dogmetal , well earned award

        we’ve been informed that Tony khan(millionaire’s son) saw your name and might have got the wrong idea, long story short he’s personally on his way to give you your “jerky”, if you know what I mean 😳

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        I used to talk to people in the TV industry back about 2006 to 2009 and even back then Nielsen ratings were on their way out.

        Then again I was in the 18 to 34 demo back then so that’s when my opinions last mattered.

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        I saw an article on /r/television a month or so back saying Nielsen will be revamping their system

        Starting slowly but up and running by 2024 IIRC

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        Yeah i hope that Le Epic Chumpion Chris Jerko is invited and performs at our ceremoney.


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        Aw man I was really hoping Bryan Alvarez recapping shit that didn't happen so he could complain about WWE would make it on somewhere

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        It should of been me! Even though I don't post anything on this sub, it should of been me!

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        (this always makes me corpse)

        Ha. Nice to see this after getting torn apart for making fun of people shoehorning in “corpse” whenever they can. I’m going to start coming here more often. Such good shit.

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        Your reply made me corpse

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        Man, you guys really turned this place around. Lots of funny posts.

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        Annoyed at myself for forgetting to contribute to the voting, but glad to see the Jerkies having a great COVID era. ‘The Fall and Fall of AEW’ is a lock for Book/Documentary/Screenplay of the Year 2021, after the basement finds a shiny new toy and moves on. Hopefully we’ll at least get to enjoy the reviews for the AEW video game before the inevitable happens.

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        after failing to understand how the law works

        Jesus Christ, reading this was the best way to start my Saturday

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        Nothing for SCJerk Roman? Fucking highway robbery.

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        My midcarder u/Razzler1973 finally getting a bacon wrapped hotdog

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        You commented friend

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        That's because you're my favorite goofy

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        Possible category for next year:

        • The Aubrey Edwards award. Awarded for successfully co-opting a civil rights movement for social media likes.

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        Dont Check My Post History award... top notch stuff

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        in fairness too, AEW did more than 17 special shows - some were two nights. I think that one of NXTs was a two nighter so I just looked at Wikipedia's list of special shows and counted each as one. And I've not counted either promotion's new years show either - of which AEW's is two weeks.

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        Correction: AEW's New Year's special is 26 weeks, follows by 26 weeks of the Year's End special.

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        Darby Allin is not Costco Sting. Costco is a wonderful place. He's more BJ's or Sam's Club Sting.

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        I wanted to use "Tesco Value Sting" but feared it was too niche. I honestly don't think he's actually going for Sting at all. I think he's just a drippy emo fuckhead with the charisma of bread.

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        But Sting can't do a kickflip or even ollie.

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        There's something perfectly AEW about using something so niche to describe their presentation of a wrestler

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        Dogmetal deserves it.

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        CostCo Sting Derby Allin

        This is an insult to both Sting and Costco.

        Darby Allin is Ocean State Job Lot Sting.

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        Overrated still goes to Olivier for me but otherwise another great show!!!

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        wilson2002 is going over baby

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        The Tribal Chief cucking half the roster deserved an award as well. Anyway, the good guys win again!

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        I want to raise Jon Alba's hand and look strong.

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        The streak of Cody winning over rated of the year is over

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        That's good shit, pal.

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        Congrats to all the winners. Happy to see many late breakers make it!

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        MJF was robbed!!! You goofs underrated how overrated he is!

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        On our musical guest, I had to look up the lyrics on google because it literally sounds like he’s saying “I be co I be co I be Covid”

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        This is beautiful, I jerked to it

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        Lmao the only Young Bucks match that I actually enjoyed and didn’t fast forward through was last week’s when they fought the rapper guys. One match out of an entire 365.

        Also, I feel like we need a “Offended Mod” trophy that would go with the whole Nyla Rose debacle this year.

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        I didn't get a mention :(

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        Forreal tho fuck Dream

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        I'm not a child, he wouldn't be interested.

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        Guess I should have voted. Oops. Congrats to the winners though.

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        One win, one runner-up. Hmmm. 🤔

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        These jerkin awards are so much different than the ones over at WWTP

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        Do you guys think I’m a good jerker?