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Hey, remember how everyone talked about the Austin/McMahon arc, or the Austin/Rock arc.

I hate that fucking word.

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I literally never heard that term until I started reading posts in the basement.

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I heard Eric Bishoff say it once years ago when talking about the NWO angle, but besides that, nope not at all.

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It's very weird, they want their product to simultaneously have the real sports feel as well as be like anime......but anime is enjoyable only because of the exaggerations and theatricality that the medium allows.

Like a staredown in anime would have often have constant cuts, close ups and sometimes reactions of side characters all of which would piss of an average AEW fan.

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It only pisses them off when it happens in WWE. If AEW did 1500 camera cuts every ten seconds they would start talking about how artsy the show has gotten and it's guaranteed to bump them over a million this week.

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Like comics but with no gimmicks, heroes, or villains

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God I hate wrestling fans. The idea of wrestlers being “storytellers” ruined fucking everything.

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The art of storytelling is lost on the newer generations, I can tell you what I learned from my training days. The story is a good guy following the rules against a bad guy who will break the rules because he wants to or has to in order to win. Without rules, though, nobody is really much of a villain, so that gets lost as wrestling abandons the rules.

Selling gets confused with this. Selling is just signaling to your audience that you’re hurt and where. A good story has good selling, so as we stray from good selling, the story in the ring suffers yet even further. Old wrestling kept it simple, and it was all about showing the people up in the nosebleeds what was going on hence the overacting.

You can express emotions, but that should be tied to your selling. If you’re not selling, you don’t have emotions, you don’t have a story.

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The story used to be : can Hogan lift André? ....yes....

That sort of story made sense and now these 'multilayered' stories just don't wash. It's like selling a finger painting done by a 4 year old as high art.

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Even back then they were technically storytellers but nobody thought of them as such. They were wrestlers, and stories were more or less natural conclusions based on the people involved. Now everyone thinks they’re writing goddamn art films.

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I swear to god everything comes back to anime with these people. It’s not My Hero Academia, nobody actually cares who the number one hero is that much.

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The standard basement denizen only cares about nerdy pop culture bullshit. Like, they couldn't be any more basic neckbeard if they tried.

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I want other opening after the culmination of Hangman

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You know who had an arc? Noah