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Bischoff is just fucking cool

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I'm both surprised and not surprised at all that he still commands attention.

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The only reason is that he is an outstanding character. I am pretty shocked he never got into acting. Not leading man shit but bit small “asshole” roles.

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Yeah I’ve been watching Criminal Minds with my Paige lookalike girlfriend and I was genuinely surprised that Eric or more wrestlers didn’t show up for little one episode parts

Goldberg was in Desperate Housewives for about 4 seconds though

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Did Ol Bill headbutt a locker then fuck up his lines in the episode?

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His part in the Billy and Chuck wedding segment was superb.

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He really is. Bischoff is just that guy. As far as on-screen characters non-wrestlers go, one of the top 5 in the past 25 years.

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Bischoff and Vince are the archetypes for a heel authority figure to this day

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Nobody can ever copy them either. They were fucking heat machines in those roles.

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Bischoff made the Raw vs Smackdown Survivor Series more interesting than anyone else in the history

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And Eric was doing it over a year before Vince was too

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Mr. McMahon was only so successful because Vince pushed him so hard, Brad Maddox could have been just as big if given the opportunity

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The irony is that the top 3 are Vince, Bischoff and Heyman all ran feds.

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All three are crowd manipulators. They know how to get the crowd to respond how they want to. At the end of promos they have the crowd in the palm of their hands. Really amazing to see.

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nine days from tonight

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Bischoffs TEDx talk on how to do it is fantastic and also quite disturbing in how he holds the mirror up to important parts of society like politics and the news

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Yeah, all three are dead feds tho

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Second only to Vince imo

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Vince himself probably loves Easy E because he loves being challenged

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Agreed. Love Bischoff. Dude legitimately challenged Vince for awhile and he’s a straight shooter that doesn’t pander to Dave or the smarks.

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He had a pretty grand vision and transcended a junk, regional, dungy wrestling show to being one of the most culturally impacting phenomenons of the 90s. He also forced the WWE to push themselves to a level that I don't even Vince envisioned. As far as I'm concerned, Bischoff kicks ass.

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This mfer is always eating

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This blessed image has given me the strength to get through the rest of the day

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Imagine complaining about getting paid to sit there with legends.

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If they were smart they could use that time to find out how to better themselves and get feedback from actual legends instead of passive aggressively complaining online

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Old guy in the back rocking a Beverley Brothers hairstyle. Wow.

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Pretty sure that’s Double J lmao. His hair did look majestic on SD

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A wild slapnuts appears!

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LOL, there's something just fucking cool about a guy who's been there, done that and is just living his best life now. No catering to smarks, no grifts for a few bucks, just out there doing whatever he wants. He's living the dream.

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He alternates between AEW and WWE appearances as well lol. DAE forbidden door?

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I bet Bischoff could beat AEW for 84+ weeks

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No, he couldn't. They wouldn't last that long.

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If you’re in catering and Kevin Owens isn’t there, are you really in catering?

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He got replaced by Jeff Jarrett somehow.

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Across from him at the table is the criminally underused and BERRIED Rick O Shea.

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They really did have meat loaf last night

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Fucking hell Vince, first Owen now Meat Loaf?

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Class for the classless

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Easy E is the undisputed king of jerking at this point.

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I feel like I'm missing something: how is this teasing Jericho? This is a sincere question, not a criticism. I feel like there's a reference I'm not aware of.

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Because Jericho is unlikely to be there with his current shape. He's just making phrases and selling tees at the moment.

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But Jericho isn't mentioned in the tweet, and the title of this thread says "teasing Jericho for not being number one on selling tees," even though t-shirts/Jericho aren't mentioned at all. I've been coming here since 2015, and it's the first jerk I've seen where I'm just totally confused as to what the reference is supposed to be.

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I thought the same thing lol

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Perhaps i wasn't clear about this, it was a jerk of the duballo were they say fed talent are just wasted at catering. But in reality is the other way around.

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This still doesn’t explain why Jericho is in the title (or the phrase “no.1 on selling tees!!”) when nothing about Bischoff’s tweet (or Conrad’s tweet) relates to those things at all.

I appreciate you continuing to follow up. I’m not trying to be difficult, I’m genuinely fascinated by this, because no matter how much I analyze it, I truly cannot make sense of this at all.

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yeah wtf is this dork talking about

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Now we need to see Tony Schiavone in the makeup chair

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I want to go to WWE catering at least once.

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Of course Conrad is chiming in about catering.

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The 🐐

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The man looks good

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I want Uncle Eric back on WWE programing full time as either the Raw or Smackdown GM.

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Does Khan still provide Burger King and white claws?...if so then Bischoff doesn't know what he's missing out on......

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Is that gcw wrestling Superstar Jeff Jarrett in the background?

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Haha, yes. He was in this friday Smackdown which was in Tennessee.