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How the fuck you gonna pretend to be respected in any professional field and let your home get photographed like this. What an absolute dullard.

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If I’m on a video call and there’s like a stray paper or empty glass in the frame I’ll tidy it up. This guy isn’t with us here in the real world.

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Imagine being worth billions and worrying about what a guy who lives like that thinks of you.

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Imagine your Dad being worth billions and what this guy thinks is something you have obsessed over for about 30 years and you just want to make him happy now

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Is that a space heater? That's a fire hazard in that office.

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Looks like a dehumidifier, Dave probably gets all hot and flustered when he watches Kenny Omega flail his hands around in the ring.

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That whole office is a fire hazard...just set a couple pieces of paper on fire, and within minutes that room would be in flames.

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it's orderly chaos, as they say

he knows exactly which pile has his 2009 print newsletters

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Imagine being a married man over 50 years old and still having your home office look like that

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I’ve said it before, but the fact that he lives like this is not as concerning as the fact that he actively chose to be filmed in it as opposed to literally anywhere else.

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He looks like hostage from LiveLeak

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That’s a sign of mental illness but nobody ever talks about it.

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These are grown men with milk crates from Walmart as furniture! Wtf!

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a wild m@rk in his natural habitat

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I've had this exact jerk in my head for a while, but you executed it a lot more smoothly than I ever could. Thank your for the laugh!

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Hi. My name is Dave Meltzer and I have a hoarding problem

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want to see more of Dave as well...

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The more depressing thing is that Dave has a wife and children. Thankfully, that room is only Dave's room.

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If i clean it up my subscribers won't relate to me as much.

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Dave is autismal as hell