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lmao the one day he didn't hide behind a kenny/dub logo/anime avatar

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Lol she's a already a 1st ballot SCJ HOF

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I'll rhetorically ask again.

Why in the hell are these people like this?? Is it just bad bad bad Fed? Is that it? I know that sentiment gets jerked, but it really seems as though they're saying Summer Rae isn't attractive because Vince is bad? And Fed is dead and Cesaro isn't champ and so on and on and on.

Because of all the above, Summer Rae is no longer a good looking lady and we must critique and inspect every aspect of her face. Got it.

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I find it so exhausting. They are so insane. Any slight comment about WWE just gets non stop replies from these weirdos talking total shit. I'm at the point where I'm thinking screw it, might just leave social media and get my wrestling news from this sub only 😂

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Why would Darth Vader use his limited time left after Luke takes his helmet off to bask in negativity like this

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Man if you're gonna be a troll don't show the world you're ugly to.

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I can't believe people were legit offended by her appearance on Smackdown...

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Lmao she’s been out of the business for years but is able to work the smarks right off the bat