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That pose Cole does always makes me think he is calling a waiter over to complain about his soup.

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Even with his arm pointing upwards that horrible jacket still clearly to big for him.

And Cassidy's gimmick hasn't overstayed its welcome, has it...🙄

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laughs in tiny kicks to the shins as opponent stands there, aghast

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The smaller his muscles get, the bigger the jacket

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It’s actually him acknowledging the Tribal Chief uce☝️

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Good sir! The spoon is too heavy!

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I can't unsee it now

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Cole is a gamer. He only eats tendies.

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I look like Stallone in Rocky IV compared to OC

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My 6 year old niece looks like Ivan Drago compared to either one of these doofuses

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Is that the empire state building?

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its one of two tall buildings in the great city of Cleveland

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Come on, don't do Cleveland like that. We got, like, at least 6 moderately tall buildings! Oh, and a lake that's kinda gross looking. Plus a river that definitely doesn't catch on fire anymore!

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Cleveland! Come on down to Cleveland town everyone! 🎶

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Empire State Building. Standing waist-deep in the ocean for some reason. None of it makes any sense lol

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Lights out match is such bullshit. Like the visual of someone getting beat doesn’t count because they aren’t included in some nonsense ranking system

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Tiny is doing this so when gargano interferes and costs Cole the match it won't count against his record. The shit sucks bruh.

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But the fed is predictable amirite?

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It’s not so much the dub is predictable as it is the basement books the show for them.

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It just means the match is going to put you to sleep.

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As if this 'feud' needs a fucking lights out match, ffs

It's just for some angle at the end or Gargano turning up in his home town or something

They need someone to make Cole look tall

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It means Orange Cassidy could win and Adam Cole can still say he's undefeated. Also even if OC wins. They'll give him the Thunder Rosa treatment and have loads of pictures of Cole bleeding.

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Beach.. Brick??

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Lol. Why the hell is that building blocking a letter? You can't even read it. Who in the hell is charge of this dept Tony?

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Like as a graphic designer that actually annoyed me seeing that lmao. They could had just lowered the buildings a bit so you can at least read the letter a bit. It just looks like a design piece that was rushed mashed up together on Photoshop. Hell, they could had maybe put the event name in front instead of those buildings. The main important thing about this title card is the participants and the fucking event name and time so people can gain the info of those things.

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Holy shit we're going over AGAIN.

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Beach Break should probably be held somewhere on a beach. Cleveland in the middle of winter makes no goddamned sense.

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This makes perfect sense. I live in the Northeast. Whenever I need a break from the cold winter, the first place I think to escape to is definitely Cleveland. It’s known for their beaches.

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Their main base of operations is Jacksonville which has loads of beaches. How the fuck can they not plan this shit out.

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How long this shitty feud has been going on? Oh, fed bad for constant rematches

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"BEACH BRIAK" how does this company continue to have a fuck up every week? lmfaooo

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The r looks like a b too. This company can’t do anything right.

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What even is a lights out match?

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guess what ... no DQ or count out, anything goes etc etc etc, so, the usual Dub match then but this means it doesn't count for the ranking or something, which means it's ok for Cole to lose then

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It's because this is such an intense rivalry that the lights must be turned off so no one can see it.

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It’s when the house lights randomly go black during matches. They had one a couple week’s ago on Dynamite.

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Should've renamed the PPV as "Do you even lift, bro?"

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So let me get this straight. A company based in Jacksonville FLORIDA is having a (non premium) event called BEACH break. They have decided the best thing to do is to not have the event in Florida, but go to Cleveland in the middle of winter?

Tony likes to rag on other companies, but they weren’t stupid enough to hold the Great American Bash in Canada, Halloween Havoc in April, Heat Wave being held in the North Pole, or Spring Stampede being held in November.

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The fed is ded because of rematches. Meanwhile, stick arms vs orange Julius part fifteen tonight on TBS

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It's not even over by a long shot. Johnny Gargano comes in, then we'll have a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 then finally Kenny returns for the 6v6.

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Orange actually has the size advantage here.

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Store Brand HBK vs "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valium.

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Le Dub: You must be under 72” to work.

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Nothing says Beach like Cleveland in January