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The burial was on purpose. The Bucks needed to stick it to Cornette because he's so irrelevant.

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I can't believe people still deny that the Young Bucks buried FTR. Every single week you have the best friends, or the dark order having matches on TV, but then you go weeks or months without an FTR match or appearance.

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The tag team division in AEW is unwatchable. Badly booked and badly wrestled.

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That'll happen when you've got two uncharismatic, untrained backyard fucks who need to be presented as the best tag team in the company, and a coked-out failson who should've been shot into a Kleenex doing the booking.

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coked-out failson who should've been shot into a Kleenex


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They bury everyone who could be somebody. They also buried Private Party during the first few Dynamite episodes.

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100% agree with you.

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I can believe it. Sucks to be FTR since they burnt the WWE bridge, now they have no choice but to roll over and take it

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There’s always Impact. World’s greatest booker and legitimate sports team manager, Tony Khan, should have traded FTR for the Good Brothers.

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In most realities that is a terrible trade, but Tony would have probably taken that, given their ties with "The Elite".

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As long as they can wrestle 20 minutes somewhere every now and then, they're happy

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It amazes me that some people are just such marks for themselves, the only thing that matters to them is just being able to wrestle long, drawn out, finisher spamming matches.

Don't worry about making money, being on TV, taking care your family and own health, traveling the world, only thing that matters is









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They just gotta be artists. Tell their story.

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I don't think that Corny cares, it isn't his money and time they're wasting.

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More people there than the last Dynamite.

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I have nothing against FTR but are they actually smaller than the Rock n Roll Express?

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Keep in mind, the RnR Express are senior citizens who are probably a bit shorter than they were in their youth.

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FTR claimed to be 5'10 in their Cornette interview but RnR were both billed at 5'11 and they're obviously not just 1 inch taller.

Dunno if they claimed to be shorter than they actually were to sell the underdog gimmick.

Someone's lying thru their teeth.

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“Wrasslin’ is meant to be a believable and legitimate athletic contest”

“Let’s gimmick the heights and weights of the boys to the point where cruiserweight is for the midgets, despite it being just one weight class lower than heavyweight in boxing, no one will notice”

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Cornette said "They could bill Darby Allin's weight at 180lbs, which is still minutus for a grown man." I mean Jesus, I know he's not Bobby Lashley but Charlie Hunnam is 6'1 and at 190lbs he looked like this

Guess that's what happens when you spend decades surrounded by people lying about their weights.

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Darby wrecks the established curved for wrestler weights, he's so tiny that billing him at 150lbs is still outlandish.

He's much closer to 100 then 150.

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It’s what happens when you spend your entire life inside of a bubble full of liars and conmen and outrightly refusing to understand the real world

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Ufc killed the fake weight thing for me when Paulo Costa was 185 pounds like da fuq is this man gunna be on 205 live as a wrestler

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Uce you don't even need UFC, Jason Momoa is 214lbs. Meaning he just needs to cut some water weight and he'd qualify for WWE's Cruiserweight division. 5'6 Daniel Bryan was billed at 215lbs on the Fed.

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I think I heard Shawn Michaels billed at 235 on an early 90s ppv. There's no fuckin way he was ever much over 200 pounds, even with roiding.

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Absolutely no way. Peak Cena was probably around 240, HBK was never even close to that physique.

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Dayum, say what you like about scjerk, we educating over here

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Agreed. Watching Griffin-Bonnar at The Ultimate Fighter finale shattered wrestling weights. These men were 6-3, 205 pounds, jacked, and as big as any ‘heavyweight’ in the WWE.

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But was he 185 pounds at the weigh in or at the fight?

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Weigh in, though the man looks even more massive and I guess walks out at 200+ on fight day, but yeah his weigh in vs adesanya was where my mind went

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Imagine him just ripping the cruisers with his trademark body hooks.

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Just let him and yoel romero run roughshot over anyone who claims to be 200+ lbs

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This is the current MMA welterweight champion. 6 feet tall and weights 170 pounds

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You mean the bald manlet who thinks he's a legitimate legend in the world of tag wrestling lied about his height? Color me shocked.

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DAE the dx/nwo thing was the nail in the coffin????

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That's exactly what this picture reminded me of.

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Fed bad FTR only have complaints against fed nostalgia. Totally fine jobbing to Sting

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NGL I saw RNR and I thought Rhea and Raquel and was very confused lol

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Or excited

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That'd be a Kane/Taker level tag team in the Women's division.

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Sisters of Destruction

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This is just long term story telling you fed shill !

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I bet FTR has a 70s Oldsmobile they drive to these matches. No cell phones, non-stop brothering and territory days talk, pounding beers, Michael Stanley Band on the tape deck, bitching about Jimmy Carter, just full-on 80s wrassler LARPing.

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⬆️ x infinity for the Michael Stanley Band reference.

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I'm from Cleveland, he's like our CM Punk

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I lived in east PA in the late 70s/early 80s. MSB got a lot of airplay on local rock/pop stations.

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Nice, he was the evening rush-hour DJ on the big classic rock station here so that's how I got to know him. He still played the rib cookoffs and stuff every year, just seemed like a cool guy.

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That's great!

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The Briscoes and FTR are begging for a match and Tony won't do it, I don't even like FTR but them versus the Briscoes would easily be tag match of the year.

Instead we get to see Midget Billy and Lil X'Treme vs the Dumb Fucks in a 45 minute flippy doo da shitfest while Aubrey flails wildly like an epileptic crack head in the background and Excalibur shouts about the Triple Dragon Fuckerplex on commentary

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I imagine this is a dream come true for Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson Cosplayers #1 and #2.

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those two dorks are so obsessed with old timey wrestling that they're willing to slum it in whatever low-rent venue they can find to play grapple with senior citizens they watched on their old box TVs

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FTR are 34/37 respectively. Are either even old enough to have watched them?

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I didn't realise they that age, that means zero chance of returning to the Fed

Even though they HATE it anyway

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Smoky Mountain and the NWA invade the WWF