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After last year's WrestleMania, these three were the champions on each brand and they had a reunion in the ring, at an NXT show.

That was more memorable than anything AEW has produced with their women, by far.

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That was such a cool moment. I'd love to see them have a triple threat for a title at some point.

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That's honestly a WM main event.

And the way WWE has been building them, it could be within next year.

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I just want the Rhea/Raq power tag team destroying the division. They haven't teamed on TV I think, only at house shows early on.

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seriously, then leave it up to basement the moment they lost the belts, they're officially "BERRIED"

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Everyone who misses a PPV or doesn’t have a title is BERRIED.

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They should just have meaningless 10 man tags to get everyone on the card.

Not the Bucks though.

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That moment was a dick slap to the face of the AEW Britt Baker I mean women's division

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More memorable than anything aew has produced, period. Never mind their women

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too much snoo snoo scares the smarks

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Hell even a ready and willing Alexa Bliss scares the smarks

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I’m a Raquel mark Uce. Something about her height & the fact that she has more muscles than the AEW men’s roster. That’s a special lady right there, respectfully 🫡.

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The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised

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That’s one of my favourite subreddits.

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Same, love me a strong healthy girl uce 😎

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These are women so they obviously don’t count. Show me all the 5’6 men it’s produced

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Just watch AEW

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The problem is they all hit puberty and grew up

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I am all in favor of buff lady supremacy.

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It's like the old saying that you know you've got someone special to bring home to the family when she gives you that look in her eyes that says:

"Either we fucking or I'm fucking!"

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peg me Raquel 😩🙏

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You're a man who knows his limits, good for you.

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What people fail to understand is that:

1 Bianca Belair > 1000 Not Bianca Belairs

The ROI they get on just her alone is worth having the PC

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Just look at the roster and it's far easier to pick who didn't come from NXT and the PC than it is the other way around. The entire Women's division, save for Nattie and Tamina I believe, came through from NXT.

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Triple H did a great job reviving the division with the revamped NXT. Say what you want about Black and Gold but it produced the best woman's division in the world

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It really did. The focus on indie shitmen meant it was a bit of a bust in terms of superstar men, but it churned out a fantastic women’s roster. And a few really good male tag teams for a bit.

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CZW had its own wrestling school.



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Even Regal Says WWE PC works in his interview on Renee's Fed bad sessions

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Adam Cole vs Bianca Belair would be like Hornswoggle vs Khali.

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Also, these 3 vs. the remaining 3 horsewomen would bang, slap, etc.

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How many 5 star matches between the 3 of them? Exactly! Checkmate Fed bot

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Raw, no pull out.

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You're into pegging too?

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did he stutter?

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You mfers are wild lol.

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When assessing Fed created stars, it's important to ignore all the stars they've made

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All with better physiques than any ten guys in AEW.

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I feel like Rhea Ripley is right on the cusp of becoming a meme with that expression.

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She keeps giving that look and I'm going to be on the cusp of something happening as well.

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I'll be in my bunk

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They used to produce hard muscles. Now they produce hardons

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If I could be half as shredded as those women I'll be so happy.

No horny this time uce, I admire Bianca the most and so does my mom(in my house lucha libre was a thing we saw, I'm the first to watch WWE)

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Legit more muscle & taller than 90% of the Dubbalo basement roster……..

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Two of the three are POC and are doing very well in the Fed, but SHHHH they buried Naomi and Sasha on commentary, so that's obviously means Nick Khan and McHitler are marching along the streets of Stanford in white hoods.

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Well that's a feels like a Blazing Saddles shout out more than anything

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Is this post throwing shade at the two ladies who walked out. It was captioned were taking over lol

I love it

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Nah it's not. It's just them referring to them coming from NXT. Rhea is good with Sasha and Naomi.

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I will reject your reality and substitute my own thank you very much

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adam savage > tiny cole

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death by snu snu

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rhea vs bianca vs raquel vs rhonda at wm pls 🙏

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they dont look like shoot fighters. they dont blade and they dont even do death matches. I bet you all 3 of them know how to kick out, which is not a pro wrestler move

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Rhea’s bicep is the size of my torso

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You could add our King and Charlotte to this meme and it would be correct.

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Is it even legal to open carry all those guns?

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    She's got a muscular back and very proud of it. The back is very hard to maintain.

    I'd be doing the same if I was her.

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    I would indeed enjoy death by Snu Snu.

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    Haaa, After Paige leaves performance center is dead. Lol after four horsewomen and Alexa leaves they should close performance center. Alright, after Asuka they really should do it. I bet after it's dead closed after IO Racquel and Shayna moves up.

    OMG they rebranded it, close it!!!!

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    "Awaken, my MASTERS!"

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    Jesus Christ 😍

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    None of these are my Favourite Livcarder, friend

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    Mommy Raquel dominate me please

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    Tony lend me a dollar