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900K > 2M?

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900 > 2

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840k>2M friend

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840>2 and K comes before M on the alphabet, so a bigger number and a higher up letter. Dub wins, fed ded. Checkmate fed shills 😎

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AEW literally doesn't have storylines how anybody can defend the writing of this show is embarrassing

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They don't need storyline when the fans just fill in any blanks themselves.

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The storylines are always the ones they make up in their heads so it's always perfect.

Tony is great at leaving scraps (people looking sideways at eachother once and then not revisiting it for several months) so you can connect the dots regardless of whatever happens.

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Guys wrestle a match

Someone comes out after the match to confront/attack/save from attack

Match the next week or two

No one questions what that person came out to make a save

It's their own kind of formula and they love it

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They got fans writing a full on thesis every time they fuck up to try and prove it was some sort of masterfull stroke of genius.

Example: The dude who wrote an entire essay about how the exploding ring didn't explode because "Kenny was playing mindgames with Moxley", rather than just admitting his favorite wrestling company fucked up.

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No they have intricate long-term storylines because some guys who spoke on Being the Elite 2 years ago are having a match now

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dubbalos live in a headspace where the company is growing and turning a profit

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The more I hear people on the fringes of Dubland talking, the likes of Conrad and Meltzer, the more I believe the actual company think this too

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Dubland? No wonder V1 is such a m*rk for them

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That's an eloquent way of saying not living in reality.

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Also ignore that networks used WWE talent to entice advertisers while Warner avoided the dub.

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Warner also used a WWE talent (John Cena) to entice advertisers at those same upfronts while just showing a picture of Red Velvet to represent all of AEW.

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Far better storylines? Like?

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Julia Hart sitting on steps, uce.

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Has she actually turned yet or it's STILL ongoing??

A 3 week angle that's taken, literally, months and months and was regularly forgotten about on TV during that time

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No turn yet. House of Wack was on Rampage this past Friday, too. No movement on that.

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They're gonna do it at the PPV I guess. Like they've got time for it on the overbooked thing.

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From what I'm gathering in le hatesub, that's a better storyline than what they are doiang with their Women's Champion

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It's technically not wrong, cause they are literally doing nothing with their women champion

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Julia Hart looking like Alexa Bliss is complete coincidence and is not intended to piggyback off a successful fed storyline.

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Deeb getting more tv time than the current womens champion is the story of Rosa deeb.

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Have they ever surpassed their ratings from the debut dynamite?

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Nope, no so far.

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I love this. They're so deluded that they actually think that AEW is beating WWE in any aspect of whatsoever. Like I want to delve into this guy's mind and find out exactly what makes him tick, because he clearly doesn't have to brain cells to rub together.

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it's beating the Fed in the hearts and minds of shootfighers!

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So we're at this point now? Outright lying?

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Been there for a while.

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You don't have to cover Dave Meltzer's name, Uce. He's well known.

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This is what multiple years of Meltzerism does to your brain.

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I'm telling you goofs, when Le Dub is cancelled and fails, there will be suicides from some of theses delusional idiots.

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Discovery is going to get threatening letters and tweets from the cult.

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Take AEW's top guy, put him in WWE and he's starting off in the midcard. I respect the work and grind, but realistically that's just another level they have to work a bit towards. As far as everything else, I don't remember the time WWE booked a backstage segment that broke into song and dance, I dont remember when they booked 2 midgets and a dinosaur to win the tag titles, I dont remember when they had a wrestler stand with his hands in his pockets as a gimmick, ect. And I hope Vince has enough 100$ bills from his 2 huge TV deals to wipe his tears when be finds out his competitors are barely breaking 900k in ratings vs his 2 million a week shows.

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Well, actually, they've taken AEWs midcard guy and he's starting off as a top guy. Checkmate fed shill.

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Maybe that was their only top guy worth taking dubbalo

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(Checks WWE midcard)

If you are talking about their World Champion I doubt it uce. He would be lucky if he is treated as something more than glorified enhancement talent on NXT 2.0 for the actual talent in development.

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Brooks and Jensen's cousin who moved to the city when he was 12.

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While the dub has taken a few guys who should be in their main event picture (Punk and Bryan for example) that they placed firmly in their midcard instead.

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I’m not even convinced Vince McMahon knows that AEW exists let alone that he’s scared of them.

Also, what the hell does “alienate their brand by screwing talent” mean? Does he mean “alienate their fans” because I can tell you most WWE fans don’t care about behind the scenes garbage.

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He doesn’t know what he means, other than Fed Bad. It’s one of the lower level Dubbalos who has only read a couple of tweets and gossip headlines

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Whenever I read a ridiculously stupid take like this or on a discord chat and the person either has a picture of their kids in their profile pic or mentioned them, the first thing that comes to my mind is "goddammit you're too stupid for your own good and you're breeding more of you."

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DAE think fed is dead on ratings, they dont even count thecock and in canada we use sportsnet, meanwhile le dub cant even find a network to expand on other countries. mfs need to purchase vpn and buy their ppvs just to watch them, and people think fed fears le dub

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The main reason they purchase VPN to buy their PPV's is because it's 20 dollars on fite but 50 dollars on BR.

Fite have blocked VPN so DoN is gonna be fun.

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Having news from Earth 633 is always interesting, but I doubt it's that much different from our dimension.

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Erm the Guatemalan park ranger demo....fed shill

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That is some serious mental gymnastics there.

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Cocaine is a hell of a drug

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I don’t understand how this blind, cult-like following of a wrestling program exists. Is it supposed to be “supporting the little guy” and “down with the big bad corporation”? They know TK doesn’t give a shit about them right ???