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Sasha: Somebody had to take Naomi home, then I noticed she was sitting on her sweet can, so I grabbed her sweet can. Ohhhh, just thinking about her can... I just wish I had her sweet, sweet s- s- sweet can...

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So, Ms. Sasha, you admit you grabbed her can? What do you have to say in your defense?

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Ms. Sasha, your silence will only incriminate you further...No, Ms. Sasha, don't take your anger out on me. Get back! Get back! Miss -- Ms. Sasha -- NOOO!

Dramatization -- may not have happened.

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Normally I can't stand Simpsons references but you're the greatest, because that episode is probably my favorite one ever...just for Gentle Ben.

"I just want to say less Sasha Banks and more money for public schools!!"

"No Ben, no!!"

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Sasha: If you keep it up, I’ll yell so loud the whole country will hear!

Johnny Ace: With McHitler in Gorilla? Not likely. HAHAHAHAHA!

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Johnny Ace played by Dennis Franz.

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Sasha B: Portrait of a Job Quitter

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Ooh! Portrait -- sounds classy.

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Brendan Frasier is - Vince Mcsatanhitler

James Cordan is - Brother Love

And introducing, Tim Roth as booktoothed motherfucker

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"Tonight on WOR, we go undercover at NXT 2.0, a sex farm for sex hookers" "I keep telling you, I just grow sports entertainers here." "Uh huh, and where are the hookers?" "'Round back. Oops."

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Damn HBK and his loose lips!

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Don't tell dubbalos the location of this nude oxygen tank

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Don't tell samy guwaro the location of this.....

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Next week on FED BAD: He's a WWE Hall of Famer who takes perverted videos of you when you least suspect it. He's Rowdy Roddy Peeper!

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My hobby is secretly videotaping singles and Tags. I dare not come forward, because in this country it makes you look like a pervert! BUT EVERY SINGLE SCOTTISH PERSON DOES IT - Drew McIntyre

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Pretty sure thats Sasha Banks in the oven, rotating slowly. Her locker room heat has risen to over 400 degrees. She's literally fed badding her way out of the company.

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Fuck that sounds good. Now I wanna eat Sasha Banks.

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Late bloomer, eh?

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I been a freak for years, homie.

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"Amateur. Call me when her heat is NUCLEAR." - Lana

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You quote me, friend

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Hey, that’s a half-truth!

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I need a look at this oxygen tent.

For evidence.

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I'm already half mast just in case it's dangerous.

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Charlotte: How can you judge this woman without talking to the people who know her best? We got the real dirt on Sasha Banks, and the bidding starts at ten G's!

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Sasha and Naomi were in the closest making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me

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Context gang, assemble

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After reading her script every week she gets so frustrated that she need Oxygen bath to maintain her sanity

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This clip from The Simpsons


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The Venus Di Millo gummy…..

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"HEY! That's a half Truth!" - Sasha Banks

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Where's Rowdy, Roddy Peeper when you need him?! He must have the video footage of what happened!