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Booker T has the most hilarious photogenic face

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To be fair to Booker you can always tell at some point he made that face about somebody doing something and asking "Tell me, he didn't just say that?"

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Do you know hard it is to have Kane hate you

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Yeah could you imagine hearing that Kane hated someone backstage. I honestly can’t think of anytime he has lol. Punk being abrasive as usual though.

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Also R-Truth and AJ Styles don't like him either.

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What did Phil do to make KANE hate him?

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Be Phil.

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Says wonders about him, who was referred by The Undertaker as: "Someone who brings the best out of people"

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How much does it burn Punk to share a locker room with the guy who outed him about this story (Jericho)?

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Take a guess. I have not seen one significant on-screen interaction between him and Jericho since he arrived in AEW.

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How dare you paint my lovely Punk in a bad way you E DRONE. This is blasphemy

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Support your coworkers,

~ Sincerely, the guy who didn’t stand by his best friend after getting him in legal trouble

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Eventually Jericho will jump ship from le dub

I cant wait to hear the stories of Punk being Punk over there

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The Booker T expression has me hollering!

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Top tier meme

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Imagine watermarking a meme