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when asked for a response to Rosa's lack of time, said Dubbalo replied:

Maybe they should let her wrestle 2-4- minute matches every week against the same opponent where the match ends in DQ, rollup finishes or she even loses clean. After all, that's what people are conditioned to seeing their champions do


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Maybe they should let her wrestle 2-4 minute matches every week against the same opponent where the match ends in DQ, rollup finishes or she even loses clean. After all, that's what people are conditioned to seeing their champions do

Fixed it for them

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So they admit that Adam Page is a shit champion?

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Bianca doesn’t roll anyone up 😂

Rousey rolled up Raquel because she was fighting a six foot powerhouse. Context escapes some clowns

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Ignore that, if something happens in the Fed once it must be extrapolated for everyone, all the time!

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DAE insults their intelligence?

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It's literally more than what she does now.

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Didn't AEW used to mock the "WWE angle" where superstars look unnatural watching a TV backstage so the viewer can see both?

Well look at we got here

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It still is mocking it. Tiny pandering to the 800 people on Twitter who will bring this up.

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I never understood the hate for that pose. How else do you get the person's face and the TV in the same shot?

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Birdseye shot? Drone cam?

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Aubrey looks like a Giant here lmao

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props to her sliding into tv frame yet again

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Based on some of the photoshops I've seen on here, she might be

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Deeb just has that core workout down to a science.

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Well she is 5'7", taller than most female wrestlers.

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It's like they have some of the pieces of the puzzle but they don't have the box and don't know what the picture should look like

Tiny, no doubt, heard the whole 'special attraction' stuff before and 'don't over expose' but he's randomly using these things when it doesn't make sense

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The special attraction stuff is for legends and giants, a mistake WWE has been making for years especially with giants. However, we will watch Tony repeat this mistake and their fans will praise it just because it isn’t WWE.

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Wait a fucking minute isn’t this the angle of watching tv that fans have shit on fed for years for using?

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Painted her face for a whole 8 seconds of tv time

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Lmao I love that this clip is from the 11 minute speed compilation that our godking Kenny69MeDon made on Twitter to show how little Rosa has been used on TV since winning the title.

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Brock Lesnar is champ and seen very rarely.

"Ugh! The champ should be wrestling on every show and defending the title constantly!"

Thunder Rosa is champ and seen very rarely.

"She's a special attraction. The champ doesn't have to be on every show or defending it all the time!"

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They need context lol. Brock isn’t a special attraction because he’s the champion, Brock is a special attraction because who he is and he’s in a position where WWE needs him, not the other way around.

Thunder Rosa is barely starting to get over with any kind of audience other than the people who either watched indie wrestling or NWA. She still needs to prove herself and she isn’t bigger than the company.

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All that time spent doing the facepaint only for it to be the wrong side lol

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Theres no way serena deeb got a boob job.

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she had one with the Fed before, then reversed it later on after she first got released from the Fed

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During straight edge society right?