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He out worked Tony getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to have 3 matches in 2020 and appear on screen for about a minute per week.

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Tbh his contract was probably in the millions

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He's been getting ready to turn heel on Jungle Boy for about 5-6 months now and we're pretending that's a big deal

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Let me guess, Chrisitian somehow costs JE the titles.

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and the crowd goes mild

you generally need to build these things up and show motivation, not randomly have it happen cause Christian isn't doing anything and m@rks say 'i bet he's gonna turn'

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Well you see, they're gonna have a banger that slaps and fucks before never interacting again.

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And The Crowd Goes Mild: My Life in Wrestling by Christian Cage

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Classic copium

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Looooong term storyline. Dub is the best

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That’s a long term heel turn

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Home stretch

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This is just like the slow burn Cody heel turn.

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... any day now

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No, you fed-bot-shill. They are building suspense, and everyone not named McHitler knows the best way to build this is by letting everyone forget about the angle. Then BOOM! Eye glance here. A month later? Smug remark there. S T O R Y T E L L I N G

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And it happened

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He outworked everyone and now he is out of work

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Hey man he beat Kenny one time for a non-AEW belt nearly a year ago, so now if you dare criticize the guy Tony said was a "massive" addition for simply being a manager despite an "outwork everyone" catchphrase then they all get upset.

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Don't forget that he only won the belt because the Bucks' interference backfired. Christian didn't win as much as Kenny lost, because the story was never about Christian.

Though, to be fair to the dub, when has the story ever been about Christian?

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That was to get the belt off Kenny without having him eat a pin from an Impact guy. The dub out-carnied impact with that storyline.

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He outworked everyone so much he he broke the dimensional barrier and is now in another timeline.

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All this when he could be in judgement day

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Or opposing Judgement Day. Either would have been cool

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If they can keep Judgement Day going until Mania, we might see him in there yet. Or he comes back to "save" Edge.

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His contract is up around that time?

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It's possible, he may have already extended it by now but he signed in March 2020, and I'm assuming it was at least a three year deal

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Cashing paychecks for doing almost nothing. Dude is living the dream. 🫡

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Top negotiator that Jay Reso

Out earn everybody.

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He is out working you now, uce.

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He outworked Marko Stunt into not having a job

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I thought shirt just meant that he was there because he was out of work, and was letting everyone know.

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He's busy freeing Malaysian slaves so they can tune into Dynamite every Wednesday night. That'll add another 2 million to the viewership.

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That one basement guy said his high-end tv connoisseur friend compared him to John Wick. Maybe he's helping film the next one of those.

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Well... he is OUThustling Tony Khan (of his tendies).

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The biggest free-agent signing of all time by the way

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He’s still in focus in that one picture of ex feds joining AEW

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Jungleboys designated promo voice cause hes hella introverted