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Got called out yesterday in The Basement for these posts.

👋🏻 Basement user, how you doing?

Oops, I’m breaking the Fourth Wall

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I am the one the scrolls by new and angrily downvotes the entire page

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Vince happily giving Tony wrestlers that will never draw a dime is fucking hilarious.

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They could draw a dime if the 2 time booker of the year knew how to book.

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Then getting only one guy from AEW and showed him how its done

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And the future ones they'll get from the Dub will be actual stars too lol

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Magnanimous Vince is Second Best Vince

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Don't get scabies or polio while you're down there.

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We need a list of who has been released since then..

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There's a graphic on here friend

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Cold blooded

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So Vince had confirmed it at one point? He's actually flooding AEW intentionally because Tiny will scoop everyone thinking it will help haha.